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Yokomo Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil

Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil
Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil
Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil
Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil
Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil
  • Brand: Yokomo
  • Model: RP-105A
  • SKU: 00119432
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This is Yokomo Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil. Our Racing Performer Brand will launch two new lubricating oils. These oils can be used for different materials and parts. ULTRA Bearing Oil is applied to sliding parts between metals, such as bearings and universal joints, ULTRA Teflon Oil is the best to sliding parts between metal and resin, between resins and between rubber parts, such as inside the gear box and around the suspension and between resins and rubber. Unlike conventional molybdenum-based oils, ULTRA Bearing Oil easily adheres to metal and can form a smooth and lubricate film on the surface. It has a special molecular structure which is no comparison with previous lubricants and can reduce the frictional resistance with its amazing lubrication under extreme pressure. In addition, when the ULTRA Bearing Oil is applied, a film is formed with the heat generated when metals rub each other, so the lubricating effect can be maintained even if the oil is removed with a cleaner, etc. At the joints of universal shafts, it is possible to avoid lowering drive efficiency and progress of wear especially when sand and dust are attached during driving. Since both products are packed in needle-nozzle typed containers, you can easily inject in even small parts. Since Teflon oil essence easily precipitates in status, please shake the container well before you use it. Each contains 8ml.


  • For: Bearing


  • Volume: 8ml


  • Yokomo Racing Performer Ultra Bearing Oil (1 pc)

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