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Yeah Racing High Speed Bearing Oil / Lube 15ml

Yeah Racing High Speed Bearing Oil / Lube


  • Yeah Racing High Speed Bearing Oil / Lube.
  • This product offers outstanding lubricating membrane and excellent corrosion-resistance. The design of narrow tips allow anti-flowing during dripping. This bearing lube can be used under the conditions of heavy load, high temperature and humidity.
  • About Ball Bearing:A row of small balls or cylinders sandwiched between two rotating rings. Bearings are used to support rotating parts, such as wheels, axles, or driveshafts. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit nearly any application or driving condition. Bearings are infinitely smoother and more efficient than bushings. Keeping your bearings oiled increases their lifespan and efficiency - use specific bearing oil or any light oil (such as 3 in 1). Another source of description content is search & copy from google.



    • For: RC Ball Bearings
    • Capacity: 15ml


    • Yeah Racing (#YA-0215) High Speed Ball Bearing Oil / Lube (1pc)

    Rcmart Description
    BrandYeah Racing

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