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Xray GTXE 2022 Luxury 1/8 4WD Onroad GT Car Kit EP

  • Brand: Xray
  • Model: XR-350603
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Tags: Xray Touring Car


This is Xray GTXE 2022 Luxury 1/8 4WD Onroad GT Car Kit EP. The GTXE’22 features a longer chassis plate that is the backbone of the electric focused concept. The chassis length is increased to stretch the wheelbase, combined with the wider rear section, resulting in improved stability. The updated layout also includes provisions to install the new rear diffusor and mount the front and rear suspension holders directly to the chassis plate. The chassis features a new locking system for the servo saver posts to ensure the components will stay secure during chassis flex in extreme conditions. The chassis is CNC-machined from 3mm high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum; strategically machined in low-stress areas and then anodized to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity.

The new E-concept layout uses a forward motor position and saddle pack batteries. The motor is placed in front of the center differential, opposite the steering servo, with split, saddle pack batteries in the rear. The split packs lay flat in the holders, reducing the CG compared to taller brick pack layouts. The motor has better cooling in the front location, and the split batteries also maintain lower temperatures during each run.

The new saddle pack layout features tweak-free split battery holders to secure the packs. These battery holders will fit both standard and ‘shorty’ packs, with the shorty packs allowing additional weight balance control by shifting them front/back in the holders. In addition to the new battery and motor positions, the GTXE’22 includes a molded electronics plate that is positioned next to the steering servo.  The ESC, receiver and transponder are all installed on this plate for easy removal and maintenance. 

To improve the consistency of the differential performance throughout each run, the gear box covers are milled out for air flow to help reduce diff temperatures. This prevents overheating the diff oils and ensures more consistent handling during long mains and extends intervals between rebuilds. The rear gearbox and cover both have additional material milled out to increase airflow and cooling for the rear diff. The front upper bumper brace was also modified with a milled opening to allow more air into the front gear box.

All-new front and rear suspension holders are separated from the bulkheads and installed on the chassis. Mounting the holders directly to the chassis plate eliminates any flex from the bulkheads, improving the precision and responsiveness of the GTXE’22. The front kick-up angle was reduced, helping to create more steering and reduce tire wear. The rear holders still offer multiple anti-squat positions, but the new plates have less anti-squat, which is better suited for the GT category to increase the stability of the car. The new aluminum suspension holders continue to feature the Integrated Suspension Settings™ (I.S.S.) that allows for quick & easy suspension geometry changes. Using the eccentric suspension bushings inserted into aluminum suspension holders, and a few suspension shims, the GTXE suspension geometry can be completely adjusted in seconds.


  • Longer wheelbase chassis with electric specific layout

  • Low CG layout with electronics placed in front and saddle pack batteries

  • New composite battery boxes for each battery can fit short or standard packs

  • Front and rear suspension holders mount directly to the chassis with new GT specific geometry

  • Aluminum spacers raise the front and rear diff heights for better drivetrain alignment

  • Front and rear gear boxes with cooling cut outs for the differentials

  • New rear diffusor for increased stability at high speed

  • Front upper bumper brace matched to front gearbox opening for improved diff cooling

  • Front lower bumper provides clearance for the new suspension mounts

  • Both front and rear suspension arms are now softer than the previous GTX

  • Front C-hubs with 6° caster for improved steering characteristics

  • 3-slot steering Ackermann graphite plate with more initial steering and more overall steering angle

  • Hard rear upright for improved stability

  • Graphite rear upright extensions for increased corner speed

  • Front and rear shock towers with new shock positions and roll center locations

  • Aluminum lower shock mount extensions improve the corner speed and stability in corners

  • Softer progressive shock springs with new shock mounting position provide more stability, traction, and steering

  • Thinner anti-roll bars to match new suspension geometry

  • Central dogbone driveshafts and outdrives

  • New center layshaft adapter fits smaller 45T / 46T / 47T spur gears for expanded gear ratio choices

  • Compact electronics mount for speedo and receiver

  • Graphite servo holder redesigned to fit the new chassis layout

  • Shorter servo link to match the new steering servo position

  • Servo saver stands with the chassis key lock design

  • Stronger servo saver spring with a wider range of adjustment

  • Front top deck with two different brace positions ensures clearance for the servo saver to prevent binding

  • Longer composite front brace makes the car more predictable


  • Xray GTXE 2022 Luxury 1/8 4WD Onroad GT Car Kit EP (1 set)


  • Radio system (transmitter and receiver)

  • Steering servo

  • Motor

  • Pinion gear

  • Battery pack

  • ESC

  • Charger

  • Bodyshell

  • Wheels, tires, inserts

Rcmart Description
Completeness Unassembled
Drive Train 4WD
Power Plant Electric
Scale 1/8
Vehicle Type Touring Car

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