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Tamiya 1150 Sealed Ball Bearings 2 pcs


This is Tamiya 1150 Sealed Ball Bearings 2 pcs. These are rubber sealed ball bearings, which offer smooth rotation, great precision of attachment and even simplified maintenance.


  • For: Miscellaneous

  • Material: Metal / Rubber

  • Color: Silver / Blue

  • Applications include many classic Tamiya R/C models.

  • Using ball bearings in place of plastic and metal bearings gives more efficient rotation and better parts setup.

  • These ball bearings employ blue rubber seals rather than metal ones – this allows you to open up the bearings to clean and work on them. Blue rubber seals also vastly help in the prevention of debris entering the race roller.

  • Low-viscosity oil is used to lubricate the internal workings.

  • Periodically perform maintenance such as adding oil; after crashes, checking bearing movement is recommended.


  • Tamiya 1150 Sealed Ball Bearings (2 pcs)

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Brand Tamiya

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