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Serpent 1/10 4WD Spyder SDX4 EVO Buggy Car Kit EP

USD 399.90

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Serpent 1/10 4WD Spyder SDX4 EVO Buggy Car Kit EP #500021


The updated Serpent SDX4 EVO 1/10 scale shaft driven 4wd buggy in a very clean, simple and open design. Designed to perform on all surfaces with versatile layouts in which motor, battery and speedo can be mounted in a variety of locations. Highly accessible for maintenance and set-up, with a minimal number of screws and screw types.

Strong composite lower suspension arms with mounting spots for the pivot ball activated anti-roll bar. The arms are a closed type design for aero effect, rigidity and clean looks. On the upper side optional carbon inserts can be applied in case harder arms are needed for handling. Composite insert plates are standard. The front arms have 2 shock leverage positions. The arms have been updated, to have more material around the center of the arm around the shock mounting positions to prevent breakage.

Strong composite lower suspension arms with mounting spots for the pivot ball activated anti-roll bar. The arms are a closed type design for aero effect, rigidity and clean looks. On the upper side, optional carbon inserts can be applied in case harder arms are needed for improved handling. Composite insert plates are standard. The rear arms have 2 shock mounting positions on each side, front and rear. The front and rear shock mounting positions are different and the arms can be used on both sides of the car, so you have 4 shock leverage positions to choose form. In addition, the rear arms and shock tower allow the shocks to be mounted in front or behind the rear arms. Furthermore, the arms have been updated on the shock mounting face to allow for longer screws to ensure that the shocks cannot pull out of the arm.

Hard coated aluminum suspension brackets for both the front and rear pivots. Small but effective composite front bumper to protect the front end. The angled front built in kick up allows for smoother landings. The rear/rear suspension bracket can be used standard with o-degree or upside down as 3-degree anti-squat.

The front and rear bulkheads made from 7075-t6 are designed to optimize strength, while offering the shock tower additional strength. The transmission housings are neatly packaged in the bulkheads to further strength while allowing ease of assembly and disassembly.

Both the front and rear bulkheads allow mounting the ball-raced anti-roll bars. The wire type anti-roll bars are lasered for easy identification. The wires connect to the arms with the proven friction free super smooth pivot ball system. It is very easy to access and change the anti-roll bars as needed.

The motor is mounted securely to the CNC machined 7075 T6 aluminum motor slide. The slide has been slotted into position to ensure consistent and reliable gear mesh.

The slipper clutch unit is held in place by the motor mount bracket and a H shaped lightened 7075 T6 aluminum holder topped by a carbon connector plate that also holds the cable guiders in place. The slipper can also be replaced by a gear differential in the center. Its super easy to access the slipper or central gear diff.

The lightened 7075 T6 aluminum uprights are same left and right and feature 3 camber link positions.

The front and rear wheel hex are 12mm industry standard size. The hexes are clamp type and anodized to last. Flanged wheel nuts are included to keep the wheels in place.

The strong composite body mounts are easily located in case used. As alternative Velcro can be added to the side of the chassis stiffeners/side bars.

Top quality clear polycarbonate is used for the Spyder SRX4 buggy body. The nicely shaped body has flat sides and roof for extra downforce and great handling. It leaves enough space for electronics and cooling finds as needed. The body closely follows the chassis shape, so less debris can enter the car. The body comes with a white precut masking sheet. The strong clear polycarbonate wing is mounted to the nylon rear wing holder.

Durable Serpent designed wheels are included in white color for front and rear (tires and inserts are not included). Rear wheels are same as SRX2 and SRX4, the front ones have a different offset and are new. Compliant to the latest IFMAR rules.

The lightweight composite steering blocks are combined with aluminum 7075 T6 c-hubs. The c-hubs has 2 positions for the camber link and can be further finetuned by using more or less shims. The c-hubs are 10 degree’s, other optional ones are 0, 3 and 5degree.

The fully ball raced angled dual axis steering system with integrated servo saver function, offers an almost perfect Ackermann effect. Ackermann can be set with small plates which mount to the steering arms and the black coated aluminum steering brace has 2 holes to choose from. The servo saver has a pre-load nut to easily set the desired tension. The steering system is mounted on a carbon fiber u-bracket which also connects the front left and right sides and acts stiffener.

The EVO kit has been updated to utilize front/rear outboard CVD’s which have captured pins to ensure, you finish every race you start. The center drivetrain is no exception as it too was updated to have CVD’s, all captured. The outboard CVD’s increase efficiency and traction, while the drivetrain increase efficiency. To increase reliability, and prolong the life of the drivetrain, the Evo drivetrain has been updated to use 2.5mm driveshaft pins throughout.

The EVO Kit has been updated to use solid 3mm hinge pins on the front and rear inner pivots. This increase reliability and also allows you to shim your arms forward or back. Being able to shorten or length the car will allow you to further fine tune your car for every track condition you will face.

The slipper assembly has been updated on the EVO to utilize 2 pads. By going to 2 pads, it will allow you a broader range of adjustment on dirt all the way up to Astroturf and Carpet. You can still use the old 3 pad slipper, simply by swapping out parts if you are looking even less slipper action on the most extreme conditions.


  • Lightweight clamp fitted Gear Boxes
  • Front and rear compact and light gear differentials
  • 7075 T6 aluminum central diff/slipper holder and motor mount
  • 7075 T6 aluminum bulkheads front and rear,
  • 7075 T6 aluminum 2mm hard coated chassis and carbon stiffeners
  • 7075 T6 aluminum 10degee c-hubs
  • 7075 T6 aluminum uprights, 0 degree L and R
  • 7075 T6 aluminum hard coated suspension brackets x 4
  • Closed type suspension arms with optional carbon top-inserts
  • Strong 3mm solid hinge pins with Pivoting balls
  • Big bore 1/10 shocks with hard coated bodies can be used emulsion or membrane style.
  • Spring steel universal drive and central shafts.
  • Carbon shock towers,
  • Carbon chassis stiffener
  • Carbon mid-section top-plate
  • Carbon top steering bracket
  • Carbon steering plate u-bracket
  • Very low and sleek 4wd body and large durable rear wing
  • Top quality ball-bearings
  • Various shock springs dirt and astro-turf
  • Various anti-roll bars
  • Aluminum C-hubs in 0 and 3 and 5 degree
  • Aluminum upright with +/- 1
  • Front Lexan wing
  • Servo mount set to place the servo in the front center
  • Saddle pack mounting set
  • Center gear differential
  • Variety of Diff spur gears
  • Hard coated aluminum shock caps
  • Full range of gear pinions in hard coated aluminum
  • Carbon suspension arm covers front and rear


  • Serpent 1/10 4WD Spyder SDX4 EVO Buggy Car Kit EP (1 pc)


  • Radio System
  • ESC
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Tools

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