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Sanwa M12S RS 2.4GHz FHSS-4 4Channels Transmitter Set w/ RX-482 Receiver

  • Brand: Sanwa
  • Model: 101A32381A
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Tags: Sanwa Radio System

Sanwa M12S RS 2.4GHz FHSS-4 4Channels Transmitter Set w/ RX-482 Receiver #101A32381A


This is Sanwa M12S RS 2.4GHz FHSS-4 4Channels Transmitter Set w/ RX-482.

  • Response of Telemetry System
    • It is often said that telemetry system reduce response speed. However, SANWA Original Data Processing and Algorithm Design makes Telemetry possible without response speed reduction. This Excellent Telemetry System has no response speed reduction.
    • With their telemetry system, the precious race data will help the next race setting and driving.
  • Response Mode
    • Please do not use Analog Servo for SHR mode or SSR mode. If analog servo is used for SHR mode or SSR mode, the servo will be broken and will not work. Digital servo (SRG series, Digital ERS series, SDX series) can be used both for NOR mode and SHR mode.
    • SSR mode can be used only by SRG & PGS series servo.
    • In SHR or SSR mode, BL-FORCE, BL-SPORT, F3300, SBL-02 and SBL-03CR do not work. Please use NOR mode for the above ESC.


    • FSTN Large Full-dot LCD (128x256)
    • Switchable driving position (Left/Right)
    • Menu Selection
    • Built-in Antenna
    • Car-type selection
    • CODE AUX
    • Cross Movement
    • Model Memory (50)
    • Model Name (14 Letters)
    • Mode (Select/Copy/Clear/Sort)
    • RF Mode (FH4T/FH3)
    • Response Mode (NOR/SHR/SSR)
    • Bind
    • Servo Monitor
    • Key Assign (SW/TRIM/DIAL/LEVER)
    • Buzzer
    • LCD Contrast
    • AUX Type (AUX/AUX1/AUX2)
    • Point AUX
    • MOA AUX
    • 4WS AUX
    • TRIM Type (center/parallel)
    • Battery Alarm
    • Log (REC/RPM/VOLT/TLM1/TLM2THPoint/RX Mode)
    • Boot Menu
    • User Name (14 Letters)
    • Information
    • EPA
    • Servo Reverse
    • Fail safe (Radio wave/Battery)
    • Time (rLap/Interval1/Interval2)
    • Dual Rate (ST/TH/BR)
    • Curve (EXP/ARC/CRV)
    • Point Curve
    • Speed
    • ALB
    • BR Mixing
    • TH HOLD
    • Ackerman ST
    • C-MIX1/C-MIX2
    • Safety Link
    • Custom Menu
    • Direct Model Select
    • TH Type
    • Offset
    • CH Set
    • Calibration (ex-VR): ST/TH/LEVER
    • Mechanical Rudder Angle Adjustment


    • When used with compatible RX-472, RX-482, Super Vortex Series, SV-Plus Series, the setting of ESC etc. by Transmitter is available through SSL functions while driving.
    • Since the setting can be done without the stop of car, the detailed adjustment in accordance with Race conditions is available without interruption of Intervals and the change of machine conditions.


    • Sanwa M12S RS 2.4GHz FHSS-4 4Channels Transmitter Set (1 pc)
    • RX-482 Receiver (1 pc)

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