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ReveD Titanium SPM Servo Screw 2 pcs Silver


This is ReveD Titanium SPM Servo Screw 2 pcs Silver. When fixing the servo, a built in collar with a diameter of 4.3mm is provided at the base of the M3 screw to facilitate perfect positioning of the servo with ease. In addition, the shape of the screw head has a base with a diameter of 7mm, eliminating the need to use washers. The beautiful design is another highlight of these screws for dressing up your machine.


  • For: Servo

  • Material: Titanium

  • Color: Silver


  • Screw head Pedestal diameter: Φ7.0mm

  • Root cylindrical part with M3 screw: Diameter Φ4.3mm, length 2.0mm

  • M3 screw length: 6.0mm


  • ReveD Titanium SPM Servo Screw (2 pcs)

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