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Protoform 6032-00
PROTOform Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit for most On-Road RC Bodies
USD 31.16
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Protoform 1614-15
PROTOform Strakka-12 PRO 1/12 Light Weight Clear Body For 1/12 On-Road Car
USD 17.46 USD 22.36
Protoform 1611-15
PROTOform AMR-12 PRO-Light Weight 1/12 On-Road Clear Body
USD 22.36
Protoform 1556-25
PROTOform R19 1/8 On Road PRO-Light Weight Clear Body
USD 36.44 USD 38.36
Protoform 1727-00
PROTOform Pre-Cut TC Wing Endplates 10 pack For 190mm Touring Car Bodies
USD 7.09 USD 8.76
Protoform 1726-00
PROTOform DB16 200mm Clear Wing Kit For 200mm Touring RC
USD 11.16
Protoform 1551-40
PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C7.R 1/8 GT Touring Car 325mm Short Wheelbase Clear Body
USD 34.24 USD 51.96
Protoform 1725-00
1/8 On-Road Body Aero Kit w/Spoiler & Stiffeners
USD 22.36
Protoform 1720-00
PROTOform Pro-TC Sedan Wing Kit 2pcs For 190mm TC
USD 9.12 USD 13.56
Protoform 1534-25
PROTOform Gianna GT Light Weight GT 200mm Clear Body For 1/10 Pan Car
USD 9.10 USD 27.16
Protoform 1614-20
PROTOform Strakka-12 Light Weight 195-200mm Clear Body For 1/12 On Road Car
USD 22.36
Protoform 1611-21
PROTOform AMR-12 1:12 On Road Light Weight Clear Body
USD 22.36
Protoform 1535-30
PROTOform 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am VTA Class 260mm Clear Body For 1/10 On Road/ Drift
USD 33.56
Protoform 1550-25
PROTOform Ford GT 190mm Light Weight Clear Body Set For 1/10 Touring Car
USD 24.90 USD 36.76
Protoform 10140-18
PROTOform VTA 26mm Front Tires Pre Mounted Wheels 2 pcs Black For 1/10 Touring Car
USD 23.90 USD 27.16
Protoform 1558-40
PROTOform 1968 Ford® Mustang Vintage Trans-Am Racing Clear Body For RC VTA Class
USD 33.56
Protoform 6103-00
PROTOform Better Edge System Sanding Drum Set
USD 29.60 USD 31.96
Protoform 1546-40
PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Clear Body For 1/8 Touring Car Long Wheelbase
USD 34.24 USD 55.95
Protoform 1545-30
PROTOform F1 Fifteen Clear Body For 1/10 Formula 1
USD 28.76
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PROTOform RC bodies are widely used by the world’s top professional hobbyists, winning numerous worldwide race, i.e. iFMAR World Champs. Every PROTOform body is well deisgned, its attention to detail, realism, and outstanding on track performance has surpassed its competitors. PROTOform offers RC bodies molded from crystal clear lexan in different sizes and body thicknesses.

In 1991, former GM employee Dale Epp founded PROTOform, and employed his taleented design skills of style, realism and aerodynamics to the RC industry. PROTOform has captured 13 IFMAR World Champions and countless national, regional, and local championship titles since those early days.

Today, PROTOform continues as a thriving company partnering with master mold maker Dale Epp to deliver the most innovative, functional and attractive on-road RC race bodies in the world.