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Overdose GALM Aluminum Turnbuckle Set Black


This is Overdose GALM Aluminum Turnbuckle Set Black. Aluminum turnbuckle set for GALM. A set of turnbuckles required for GALM. For steering tie rods that require fine adjustment, 0.25, which is half the normal screw pitch, is used. It is possible to adjust the Ackerman and toe angle more delicately. For the rear upper arm and servo rod, a normal pitch (0.5) with a length of 24 mm is adopted for quick and reliable adjustment.


  • For: Overdose GALM

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Color: Black


  • 24mm x 0.5P Turnbuckle (3 pcs)

  • 24mm x 0.25P Turnbuckle (2 pcs)

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