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Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 22

Team Orion Torsion Pro Racing Competition Brushless ESC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Developed in Switzerland by the multiple world champion in all-electric racing classes, tested in the USA by our team drivers. This makes it performance-tested and ideally suited for the highest level of performance. The Torsion Pro ESC is designed for competitive race cars on and off-road. Don’t miss it!

  • ORI65200: 10X (For 1/10 RC)
  • ORI65201: 8X (For 1/8 RC)

Easylap Cases 5 Color Multi Pack Set For ET001X Transponder NEW ARRIVAL!!!

ZH Racing Insert Rims For 1/8 Kyosho HOR NEW ARRIVAL!!!

They fit For GRP GR60 Tire Sets. Check it out if you have a Kyosho HOR motorcycle!

  • G-8418-55: FR Spokes OD68
  • G-8418-62: FR Spokes OD62
  • G-8418-68: FR Spokes OD55

PN Racing Mini-Z Pro-4 Drivers NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Use these outstanding metal drivers to maintain and upgrade your Mini-Z! Check them out now!

  • 722910: Phillips Screw Driver
  • 722909: 0.9mm Allen Wrench Driver
  • 722945: 4.5mm Socket Driver

Jconcepts Kosmos Aqua A2 Medium Soft Compound 83mm Tires For 1/8 RC Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Kosmos has it all. Starting with a clean shape and carcass, the design team took to a rectangular-based pin that has the forward bite muscle to boost a 1/8th buggy. The outer rows of pins have been clipped and held back for maximum cornering consistency in bumpy and chunky conditions. Available in 2 colours of soft compound. Don’t miss it!

MIP Bypass1™ Hi-Flow™ Pistons NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for HB, Mugen, Xray, Kyosho & Team Asso 1/8 RC. Check it out now!

  • 23401: 5-Hole x 1.3mm
  • 23403: 8-Hole x 1.2mm
  • 23404: 10-Hole x Blank

Vanquish 1.9 Omni IFR Grey Anodized Inner Ring NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The IFR system has been developed to add colour combinations and styles. A unique locking mechanism makes the installation of the IFR ring simple. Install it to add depth and colour to your wheel assembly!

ReveD Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Set For RWD Drift NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The hub carrier body has an innovative grooved design that gives it both rigidity and suppleness in the right places, dramatically improving traction and performance. Check it out now!

Jconcepts Kosmos Soft Compound 83mm Tires For 1/8 Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Kosmos has it all. Starting with a clean shape and carcass, the design team took to a rectangular-based pin that has the forward bite muscle to boost a 1/8th buggy. The outer rows of pins have been clipped and held back for maximum cornering consistency in bumpy and chunky conditions. Available in 2 colours of soft compound. Don’t miss it!

  • 3186-01: Blue
  • 3186-02: Green

Team Orion TORCX 540 Modified Competition Brushless Motor For 1/10 Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Developed to produce a linear powerband and excellent mid-range in addition to a great top speed. A special CNC cut motor case is ensuring a perfect sensor assembly alignment within the magnetic field to reduce noise and vibration. A balanced, high-strength rotor provides powerful fade-free performance. Precision stainless steel ball bearings have been fitted to reliably accommodate high RPM loads. Check it out!

  • ORI28900: 5.5 turns
  • ORI28901: 6.5 turns
  • ORI28902: 7.5 turns

MIP Steel Bypass1 Stop Washers For Xray XB8 2019 Series NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out!

Jconcepts Pre-Mounted Pin Swag Pink Compound Rubber Front Tire For 1/10 4WD Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The Pin Swag tire combines the outer lugs of a JConcepts Swagger front tire with the dense arrangement of specialty pins. The tight spacing of the Pin and Swag bite together and minimize wear across the carcass. Available in Bright White & Florescent Yellow. Don’t miss them!

  • 3182-101011: pre-mounted on 3353W wheels
  • 3182-201011: pre-mounted on 3353Y wheels

Blue Bird Full Aluminum High Voltage Digital Coreless Servo For 1/10 Offroad RC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

With various protection functions, including soft start, overvoltage, low voltage, locked rotor, temperature and loss control protections! Play with your RC car without worries! Don't miss it!

Yeah Racing Aluminium Top Motor Mount For 3Racing Sakura D5 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It can relocate the motor on top of the layshaft which results in more roll from the car when entering the corner! Check it out now!

G.T. Power Jet Fan Super Blower Black & Red NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is very convenient to charge as it uses Type-C! It can be used for about 4 hours per charge and now two new colours are added for you to choose from! Don't miss them!

  • GTP-180-BK: Black
  • GTP-180-RD: Red

Team Powers 200mm x 2m Body Repair Tape Version 2 is now available at rcMart!!!

The last few pieces are for sale! Check them out now!

Overdose 1/10 Toyota GRX130 Mark X ST-GARAGE Ver. 195mm Clear Body NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Completely reproduces the glamorous body line with a luxurious finish. Also, for the first time, the part that extends from the rear end of the bonnet to the front window has been greatly carved. With this new method, it is now possible to express more detail and three-dimensional effect than ever before. Don’t miss it!

MonTech M23 235mm Pan Car Body NEW RELEASE!!!

The new M23 has aggressive and sharp lines, which give it excellent stability and perfect cornering with lots of traction out of corners. The kit is Moulded from premium polycarbonate and includes window masks, headlamps, and grille decals. The kit also includes the rear spoiler and the fixing screws. Stay tuned!

Xray X4F’24 FWD Touring Car NEW RELEASE!!!

All-new car features include a 2mm shorter wheelbase that improves steering and handling characteristics. A Lower profile motor mount with a more slick design eliminates collision with the top deck when flexing. New 3mm centring pins improve motor mount reliability when using limited mounting screws for flex tuning. The car gets a narrower motor bulkhead insert which moves the motor 1mm inward for better chassis roll characteristics and provides more space for the pinion gear. Overall durability, cornering speed, steering response and stability have all been improved! Xray fans remember to keep an eye out!

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 21

Xray X4F 1/10 FWD Touring Car Coming Soon! Stay tuned!

Overdose OD High-Performance Shock Spring New Spec Series are now available!

Single for front rolling and twin for traction! Introduce a total of 6 sets of 2 types of OD high-performance shock spring series. The wire diameter φ1.3 series has a 25 mm free length. Designed for a quick characteristic and quickly add the load on the tire, turns it into a traction force. The wire diameter of φ1.2 has a 20 mm free length, an ultra-short type that uses a helper spring. This makes it possible to secure a large amount of rebound against the spring rate, improved road contact and traction performance. Check it out!

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 20

Single for front rolling and twin for traction! Introduce a total of 6 sets of 2 types of OD high-performance shock spring series. The wire diameter φ1.3 series has a 25 mm free length. Designed for a quick characteristic and quickly add the load on the tire, turns it into a traction force. The wire diameter of φ1.2 has a 20 mm free length, an ultra-short type that uses a helper spring. This makes it possible to secure a large amount of rebound against the spring rate, improved road contact and traction performance. Check it out!

>> <<

Tamiya 1/24 GF01 Heavy Dump Truck 4WD EP Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Modelled upon trucks that work in quarries and large construction sites, it features a gear-driven GF01 chassis with motors placed directly in the centre to drive the gears in the front and rear gearboxes. The realistic car shell has separate independent cab and rear bed parts. The rear bed can be raised by changing the position of the 2 stays and snap pin in the body mount. It is equipped with a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension, friction dampers, adjustable torque motor, etc. And the chassis also uses front and rear differentials in sealed gearboxes. Anyone who likes this type of heavy-duty construction RC car should not miss it!

Hudy Limited Edition 4x120mm Allen Wrench NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Hudy’s tools are the world’s largest line of professional RC tools. They feature totally unique lightweight tools with very light non-slip hollow duraluminum handles and a new unique everlasting diamond pattern grip. Tips are hand-made from self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™ to provide long life and excellent torsion. The quantity is limited, don't miss it!

SkyRC D200 Neo LiPo 1-6S 20A 200W AC Charger UK Plug NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Equipped with an Arm Cortex-M41 chip and independent dual ports, it can quickly charge two battery packs at the same time, and the charging power can be intelligently allocated! Moreover, D200neo also introduces a simple and textured new ColorX interface, which is more suitable for players who are accustomed to operating smartphones! Don't miss it!

PN Racing Anima 2500kv Sensored Brushless Motor NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Micro brushless motor made of metal! Micro RC is suitable. Check it out now!

Overdose High-Performance Suspension Oil NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Shock oil #10 and #30 for RC cars jointly developed with Wako Chemical. The ultimate shock absorber oil balances many performances required for RC cars at a high level. By having damping characteristics that rise linearly with respect to piston speed, it is possible to handle a wide range of road surface conditions and driving. Since it has lower friction than silicone oil, it realises extremely smooth shock movement even in the very low-speed range. Don’t miss them!

  • OD1151c: #10
  • OD1153c: #30

SMJ ‘Black’ Battery Weight Plate 30g NEW RELEASE!!!

New from SMJ is this black version of its very popular 30g Battery Weight Plate intended for 1:10 electric touring cars. Made in Japan and just 0.6mm thick, the plate has been a time long-time seller for Speedmaster Japan who has decided to give it a new look and remodel in a new black colour. Keep an eye out!

JConcepts Finish Line Radio Bag NEW RELEASE!!!

The new Finish Line radio carrier with outer woven fabric gives it a very luxurious look at first glance, however, the handy new item is designed with travel, cushion, ease of use and protection in mind. The lightweight design consists of a woven fabric outer bag which has a convenient and easy access zipper closure and inside has a Velcro closure pouch for additional easy access items. Inside, a high-density, form-fitted foam, pre-cut to specific models cushions all sides of your pricey possession. The bag can be ordered for the Futaba T10PX, Futaba T4PM or Sanwa MX6. Stay tuned!

Matrix Racing Pre-Assembled Factory Selected Foam Tires w/ Carbon Wheel Rims For 1/10 Onroad RC is now available at rcMart!!! Check them out!

  • MX-10A40ACJP: Front 40 Shore AIR 26mm
  • MX-10P45ACJP: Rear 45 Shore AIR 30mm

RC4WD Atturo Trail Blade 2.2inch MTS Scale Rubber Tires NEW ARRIVAL!!!

These have been Officially Licensed by the Atturo Tires company. Don’t miss it!

Yeah Racing Aluminum Parts For Axial AX24 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Skid Plate to help protect your gearbox on your micro crawler. And the Body Mount can convert the body mounting points on your Axial Micro rig to aluminium for better durability! Check them out now!

  • AXSC-101BK: Skid Plate
  • AXSC-102BK: Body Mount (F & R)

Exotek Racing Tenacity/Lasernut Machined Alloy Gearboxes NEW RELEASE!!!

It is for the Losi Tenacity and Lasernut series of 1:10 Crawlers. The bolt-on replacement heavy-duty gearbox delivers the extra durability and precision gear mesh and alignment- the alloy construction ensures the drive shaft gear maintains 100% teeth engagement against the diff gear to eliminate the problem of worn gear teeth and poor gear mesh. Additionally, larger 13mm input bearings are included to better withstand the forces of high-powered motors on the input shaft to reduce bearing failures. Keep an eye out!

JConcepts 1997 Ford F-150 MT Body NEW RELEASE!!!

JConcepts together with Ford licensing has produced the 10th-generation truck. The new shell starts with a 13” wheelbase design which aligns with the latest LMT and long-wheelbase RC monster trucks on the market. A single cab design was built to emulate the most famous 1:1 truck featuring the Gen 10 softer body lines, rounded front-end and extended front chin style bumper. Stay tuned!

Yokomo 1/10 BD12 Competition 4WD Touring Car Kit EP NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It has been a while since the launch of BD11, Yokomo finally launched the brand-new BD12! The BD12 tends to be uniformly designed. While maintaining the same balance between pitching and roll as before, the racing design has achieved an even lower centre of gravity. Based on a new motor mount that controls pitching rigidity, the chassis roll is controlled by the front and rear split upper decks, which together with the A.T.F active top deck flex, provide sharp cornering. The front and rear shocks are also shortened, and bearings are mounted in the spring holders to absorb spring torsion when the shocks are actuated, resulting in linear operation! Yokomo fans remember not to miss it!

Slidelogy Aluminum 14 Spoke Rim AWD Silver For 1/27 Mini-Z NEW ARRIVAL!!!

For drifters, it can help add momentum to your car and for racers these will definitely add some bling to go along with the lovely bodies! Check them out now!

  • SDY-0304B: 22 x 9mm (1.5mm)
  • SDY-0305B: 22 x 11mm (1.5mm)

MST RMX 2.5 RTR Turnbuckle Shaft Set Red NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out now!

PN Racing Jomurema D-Force-1 Rear Wing Set Black NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Aerodynamically optimized rear wing for Jomurema GT01 Body in black colour with big side winglets. Brings higher driving stability at the rear of your racer. Check it out now!

PowerHD S15-Y Servo for Yokomo BD12 NEW RELEASE!!!

This S15-Y can be directly mounted to the Yokomo BD12, perfectly matching the original servo mount screw hole. The reverse receiver wire output offers neater wiring for the BD12 and contributes to a lower centre of gravity. Having the same superior performance just like S15, the S15-Y can be programmed with a Power HD program box, to set your favourite parameter according to the different tracks. The S15-Y is also compatible with the Yokomo BD11. Stay tuned!

Atomic 1/28 DRZ3 MS RWD Drift Chassis Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is compatible with 1/24 and 1/28 wheels, can adjust the wheelbase from 90 to 120 mm, and the front shock damper is put to the middle of the front chassis, allowing more space for the wheel and increasing the maximum steering angle! With the No-Top-Deck design, it is easier to install electronics and looks more tidy! Equipped with newly designed extremely low-friction damper shocks, the position of the motor and battery can be adjusted by yourself, and the rear bulkhead can also be reversed so that the motor is placed at the rear if you want!

Slidelogy Aluminum 14 Spoke Rim AWD For 1/27 Mini-Z NEW ARRIVAL!!!

For drifters, it can help add momentum to your car and for racers these will definitely add some bling to go along with the lovely bodies! Check them out now!

  • SDY-0302B: 22 x 9mm (1.5mm)
  • SDY-0303B: 22 x 11mm (1.5mm)

MST Flat FX Offset +5 Rim Silver NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for 1/10 RC Drift! Check it out now!

RC4WD Warn D-Ring Shackle Matte Black For 1/10 RC Crawler NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is made of Heavy Duty Steel and fits RC4WD Hook! Check it out!

PN Racing Jomurema GT01 Pink Car Body Set For Mini-Z NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Pink is not only for women. Let’s blast the race with this stunning pink car body!

Tamiya 1/12 Midnight Pumpkin Metallic Special EP Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Midnight Pumpkin combines a 1950s-inspired cart body with massive monster truck tires, this time with a metallic body for even more eye-catching! The super-detailed body with metal-plated wheels and damper cylinders further enhance this truck's custom look! Equipped with a rear-mounted motor, sealed gearbox, front independent swing arm and rear rolling rigid coil spring suspension system are matched with gigantic 115mm diameter tires. It will make you feel like you are driving a real monster truck! Don’t miss it if you are a monster truck lover!

ReveD RDX Black FRP Main Chassis & Side Deck Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The 2.5mm main chassis and 2.0mm side decks, which use cool black FRP, make the RDX run more competitive by increasing the machine’s pitching rigidity and providing moderate flexibility. In addition to the RDX standard hole positions on the main chassis, service holes that can be used with some MC-1 parts have also been drilled, making it highly scalable. Don’t miss it if you got an RDX!

  • D1-BF-MC: Main Chassis
  • D1-BFS01: Main Chassis & Side Deck Set
  • D1-BFS02: Side Deck Set

Xpress Gear Differential Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Replacement gear differential for the Xpress Mid Mount FWD touring car the MF1. Check it out!

Killerbody Jeep Gladiator Rubicon 313mm Wheelbase Hard White Body Set For 1/10 RC Crawler NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out!

JConcepts S15 1/8 Truggy Body NEW RELEASE!!!

The S15 body style is a staple in the line-up at JConcepts. The IFMAR World Championship-winning design has served well over the years. Regarding Truggy racing, S15 debuted at the Dirt Nitro Challenge, the S15 took off in the hands of Spencer Rivkin (RC8T4e) in the E-truggy class, and Ryan Maifield (Tekno NT48 2.0) in the nitro truck class. The versatile body also fits on an assortment of 1/8th trucks on the market including the MBX8T, 8ight-XT, D8T, and Sworkz vehicles. Stay tuned!

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 19

Yokomo 1/10 Master Drift MD1.0 Limited Edition RWD Competition Drift Car Chassis Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The MD1.0 drift car chassis brings together the best performance of Yokomo, with the support of professional drivers, a limited edition covering red/purple parts is launched! There is a great contrast between the matte carbon fiber and the brightly coloured parts. The basic design is the same as the previous MD1.0, but the colour version has 4-gear rear-wheel drive, which can provide greater acceleration traction, improve the sense of speed in single runs and build an advantage in pursuit runs as well! Drifting car lovers don’t miss it!

  • MDR-010R: Red
  • MDR-010P: Purple

Killerbody Denso Kobelco Sard RC F Body Sets & Decal Sheet Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for 1/10 Onroad! Check them out now!

  • 48767: Clear Body Set
  • 48660: Pre-Painted Pre-Cut Finished Body Set
  • 48768: Racing Decal Sheet Set

Holmes Tug Buddy LP 16V Brushless Servo Winch Set is now in stock at rcMart!!!

Built into a tiny low-profile case to save grams and size when it matters! Powered directly from the battery via the JST connection on the ESC battery plug, no external BEC is needed! Ultra-efficient and power-dense brushless motor, but with a very controllable and smooth tune to give you finesse when needed. The added hold brake feature will ensure you don't slip! Don't miss it!

PN Racing Anima V3 Bluetooth 30A Micro Sensored Brushless ESC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Featuring ultra-smooth, precise throttle and brake controls! Compatible with brushless motors, the data analysis ability can help you monitor the speed, low voltage and ESC temperature! It is easy to solder, has built-in Bluetooth, and can perform advanced programming and firmware updates through the mobile app! Don't miss it!

ReveD Aluminum Universal Parts are now available at rcMart!!!

Aluminium parts are more durable, welcome to inquire!

  • RC-CL-120: 3x6mm Diameter 12mm Collar
  • RC-PT-200: 6x20mm Diameter Post

Slidelogy Aluminum TE37 Rim (1.5mm) AWD For 1/27 Mini-Z NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Two different sizes for you to choose from! Check them out!

  • SDY-0300B: 22 x 9mm
  • SDY-0301B: 22 x 11mm

Xray NT1 Ultra-Lightweight Drive Flange NEW RELEASE!!!

Xray releases an aluminium ultra-lightweight 1st gear drive flange for their NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car! It has been lightened to reduce rotating weight without sacrificing strength or durability! It includes high-quality German 1-way bearing and hand-ground for maximum running precision! Pay close attention!

ReveD DP5 Offset Competition Rim Fluo Yellow For 1/10 RC Drift NEW ARRIVAL!!!

By optimizing the material and design, these rims have super lightweight at around 11g per piece while ensuring the required strength! Sufficient traction is secured by paying attention to the hexagonal hub mounting points and rim dimensions! The best-balanced wheel in “lightweight and high traction” has been completed! Don’t miss them!

  • RW-DP5Y6: Offset +6
  • RW-DP5Y8: Offset +8

Holmes BLS HV2000 5th Scale Servo For 1/5 RC Offroad NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is designed for 1/5 Rock Crawlers, but at home in any large-scale vehicle that needs extreme durability, high torque, and ultra-fast speeds! It can be powered from 5v to 8.4v, BEC with a 10 amp rating or higher recommended. Enjoy a massive performance from the high-quality brushless motor and circuitry. Check it out now!

O.S. Engine Air Filter For Induction Silencer NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out now!

Tamiya BB-01 Parts NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 51711: A Parts Front Bumper Stay Set
  • 51712: C Parts Front Uprights
  • 51713: D Parts Suspension Arms Set
  • 22068: Dogbone Shafts
  • 22069: Aluminum Front Uprights
  • 22070: Aluminum Servo Stays

Atomic DRZ3 Motor Heat Sink ESC Mount NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The more durable aluminium parts with a fascinating look in Black Gold colours. Don't miss it!

Contact 1/10 Mini Touring A Foam Tire NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out!

  • JN35A: 35Sh
  • JN37A: 37Sh
  • JN40A: 40Sh

Atomic Aluminum Parts for DRZ3 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Replace your parts with the Atomic outstanding Aluminum Parts. More durable with a fascinating look in Black Gold colours. Check them out now!

  • DRZ3-UP08: Front Knuckle
  • DRZ3-UP09: Adjustable Rear Arm Set
  • DRZ3-UP10: Rear Shock Tower
  • DRZ3-UP13: Front Body Mount
  • DRZ3-UP17: Motor Heat Sink ESC Mount

Sanwa Steel Steering Wheel Soft-Spring NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for Sanwa M17/M12/MT-44/MT-S. Check it out now!

Drift Art DA2/DA3 Series Offset Master Set NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out!

  • 97701: V1 For DA2 Series
  • 97702: V2 For DA3 Series

ReveD RDX Aluminum Front Post for Magnet Mount NEW RELEASE!!!

By attaching it to the body mount base used at the base of the RDX bumper and mounting it on the upper bulkhead mount, the heavy magnet can be installed in the centre of the chassis instead of at the edge of the chassis, it will also contribute for weight reduction at the front section. The bottom part of the lightweight aluminium post is SE (shiny edge) processed to create a luxurious appearance. Stay tuned!

SkyRC RSTW PRO Tyre Warmer Type-L Silicone Cups (Black) NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The latest Tire Warmer with silicone warming cup makes the heating more even, and gives better heat preservation! Preheating the rubber tire surface before the game usually can enhance the grip of the tire on the track! The temperature can be set independently at the front & rear. It also features removable warmer cups and 8 different beep tones. Get this Tyre Warmer to help you get ready to fight in the best condition now!

PN Racing RC Parts For Mini-Z MR03 are now available at rcMart!!! Check them out now!

  • 700409A: M2x0.2mm Kingpin Shims (Orange)
  • 800102S: Mini Ultra Body Clip (Silver)

ABC Hobby Magnet Catch Set for Magnetic Stealth Body Mount NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

Tamiya RC Parts For Tamiya Hotshot II NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 19335883: Upright Bag (Silver)
  • 19335884: Front Rear Rim Set (Silver)

Mon-Tech Racing RS01 GT10 Clear Body For all 1/10 TC Chassis NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The brand new RS01 replicates the racing model of the well-known French car manufacturer. With aggressive shapes, the RS 01 offers absolute performance. Don’t miss it!

FMS 1/24 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4WD RTR Crawler NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Chevrolet K5 Blazer is representative of the famous CK series. FMS is authorized by Chevrolet to launch this micro RC car. It also designed a pioneeringly two-speed transmission to reach maximum mechanical performance with the smallest size! Combined with off-road capability and automatic transmission, with a heavy-duty 4-Likn suspension high-performance climbing chassis, both racing and climbing can be achieved! Moreover, the special electroplated stickers are innovatively used to highly restore the appearance design of the car body. The bodywork comes in three representative colours of American car culture in the 1970s – red, brown, and black, and relives the old American feelings. Fans of Chevrolet should not miss it!

  • FMS12403RTRORGF: Orange Version
  • FMS12403RTRBRGF: Brown Version
  • FMS12403RTRBKGF: Black Version

ORCA 800 Series 80A Brushed ESC Set is now available at rcMart!!!

A waterproofed ESC in super small size! It features an aluminium bottom case and has an 80A High Current Output and LED Program Card. Check it out now!

JC Racing Wheel Sets for Tamiya Astute are now available at rcMart!!!

  • JC-0055-FO: Flo orange
  • JC-0055-GR: Green

Tamiya Front Rear Rim Set For Buggy Champ/Fast Attack Vehicle is now in stock at rcMart!!! Check them out now!

PN Racing Machine Cut Delrin 64P Long Pinion NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Choose from a variety of different T! Check them out now!

  • MR2716: 16T
  • MR2715: 15T
  • MR2714: 14T
  • MR2713: 13T
  • MR2712: 12T
  • MR2711: 11T
  • MR2710: 10T
  • MR2709: 9T

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