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Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4 1/24 Toyota 4Runner Hilux Surf Quick Sand Crawler w/ Accesorry Parts KT-531P Radio RTR EP

  • Brand: Kyosho
  • Model: 32524SY
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The combination of the highly-detailed body and a completely new 4x4 chassis design opens up new levels of performance, well beyond anything RC enthusiasts have ever seen from a mini crawler.

In 2019 the world's most popular mini RC series, known as the Kyosho MINI-Z, celebrated more than 20 years of unmatched performance and scale realism in the hobby-grade RC category. The continuous pursuit of performance and evolution has led to the creation of a completely-new ‘MINI-Z 4x4’ design that delivers an all-new driving experience for RC fans of all stripes, with superior overall design, driving performance and high-quality injection-molded scale body construction. A significant feature of the MINI-Z 4x4 series is the greater emphasis of body detail and quality of finish that even surpasses existing benchmarks set by the MINI-Z. The body is also molded with thicker material to better resist crash damage from operation in rough terrain. Incorporating the same ladder- style frame of real 4WD vehicles, the MINI-Z 4x4 boasts a 3-link rigid axle suspension combining what would normally be two upper links into a single upper A-arm to deliver maximum suspension movement. A specially designed high-torque steering servo enables this machine to throw its elbows around in the hard terrain for excellent performance in the toughest rock-crawler conditions. The high-torque 130-size motor brings out the beast in the MINI-Z 4x4, specially geared to run well in the low to medium speed ranges common in crawling.

Designed to balance exquisite style, scale detail and superior driving performance, all the MINI-Z 4x4 needs is 8 x AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately). Enjoy driving under any conditions, from normal driving to rock crawling while appreciating the stunning visual appearance. The Kyosho Mini-Z 4x4 is the only mini crawler that delivers a full range of crawling performance in a smaller package.

This first-generation N60 Toyota 4Runner has been meticulously recreated in 1:24-scale MINI-Z 4x4 Readyset in true rock crawler style. The incredibly detailed injection-molded bodies also feature flexible mirrors and wipers to prevent damage, and the rear cap includes a realistic matte finish with a spare tire to capture the true essence of a highly capable 4WD off-road crawler.

Injection molded bodies enhanced with accessory parts recreate a level of detail in the MINI-Z 4x4 series that surpasses all MINI-Z bodies that have come before. The factory-painted body has so much detail it rivals that of a die cast model. Thicker body material provides more durability, enabling it to survive more aggressive off-road runs. Side-view mirrors, wipers, and antennas are made using a flexible material to make these extremities even more durable. Large wheel flares, heavy duty bumpers with tow loops, push bars, and even chrome door handles and lock cylinders add even more realistic details. The first-generation 4Runner's popular style is undeniable. This Mini-Z 4x4 body features the signature chrome grille, window trim, and rain rails. Customize the 4Runner with optional LED headlights and taillights. The removable roof section of the 4Runner is reproduced in a very scale, high-quality matte finish to simulate the textured finish of the black fiberglass cap. The rear of the 4Runner is reproduced with such excellent detail, including the defroster. At a glance, it almost looks as though the rear door and window can be open separately. Of course they're fixed in place on the Mini-Z 4X4 version, but the detail is unmatched. A newly-designed one-touch body mounting system is used instead of the mounts commonly used on all previous Mini-Z cars and trucks. The new system uses spring-wire retainers to quickly and easily install and remove the body.

The same ladder frame and multi-link rigid-axle suspension commonly used in popular 1:10-scale off-road models, is condensed into Mini-Z size for the most articulation and performance available in any mini RC truck. The Mini-Z 4x4 incorporates a ladder frame design with steel vertical plates, in combination with various molded parts, to deliver the ultimate balance of of rigidity and flex for superior performance and durability. Solid front and rear axles feature links with steel rods and captured rod ends. Ring and pinion gears, in addition to other gears and components, feature metal construction to withstand the heavy loads under the toughest driving conditions. The upper A-arms and lower links that connect the front and rear axles to the chassis, feature strong steel links and captured ball ends. This is the ideal design for strength, maximum range of motion, and smooth operation. The wheelbase can be changed to 110 or 120mm by changing the length of the spacer on the upper A-link. The 4Runner is set to 110mm. The newly designed shock absorbers feature 360-degree spring retainers, which means they can't be lost on the trail and the springs are more likely to re-seat when the suspension settles after hard impacts or operating at the extreme limits of the suspension. The spring retainers simply cannot come loose. The front axle features ideal Ackermann geometry. Combined with the advanced design of the axle housing and the other steering components, This model features the tightest turning radius in Mini-Z history. It means the Mini-Z 4x4 has exceptional handling capability for anything ranging from casual driving to hard-core crawling. The steering servo drag link and the rugged molded tie rod are part of a steering system that delivers an incredible amount of steering angle, which results in excellent rock crawling capability. Tires and wheels that are specific to each model are a major focus of the Mini-Z 4x4. This model features a scale reproduction of Toyo Tire's export brand "Nitto Ridge Grappler" tires mounted on custom wheels. Four AAA batteries are located on top-front section of the chassis to ensure good ground clearance and achieve realistic rock crawler performance. 

The gearbox features molded covers and includes 6 pinion gears that allow adjustment from ultra-low gearing for steep terrain, through to high-speed gearing for smooth running on flat roads. In addition, the need for annoying backlash adjustments has been negated with the special spacer mounted on the outside of the motor. A standard slipper clutch protects the drive system by reducing the torque when excessive load is applied. Note the metal upper shaft and primary gear for durability. The Mini-Z 4x4 features a specially-designed high-torque motor that is unique in the Mini-Z World. It's optimized for maximum torque, and it develops more power at lower speeds.

The on-board electronics are also unique to the Mini-Z 4x4, with special features that improve the crawling experience. The accessory ports on top of the board allow an optional gyro (MZW431) and an optional LED light set (MZW429R) to be easily plugged in to enhance performance and realism. The component steering servo features its own casing to allow enhanced performance, and it connects to the receiver/ESC with an independent connector. Included KT-531P transmitter operates on FHSS 2.4GHz and features steering/throttle trim in addition to dual-rate adjustment of steering angle and LED control functions. Control feel has improved with adoption of sponge steering wheel. Gyro effect can be fine-tuned through volume adjustment.


  • Painted Body

  • Chrome Plated Grille & Door Handles

  • Matte Roof

  • Rear Window

  • Body Mount

  • Ladder Frame

  • Solid Axles

  • Steel Link & Ball End

  • Adjustable Wheelbase


  • Length: 200.5mm

  • Width: 87mm

  • Height: 86mm

  • Chassis Type: MX-01

  • Wheel Base: 110mm

  • Tread F/R: 72.7mm

  • Weight: 223g (excl. battery)

  • Motor/Engine: 130 Class

  • Gear Ratio 55.44:1/46.20:1/39.60:1, 39.60:1/34.65:1/34.65:1

  • Front Tire Diameter: Φ42mm

  • Rear Tire Diameter: Φ42mm

  • Front Tire Width: 14.3mm

  • Rear Tire Width: 14.3mm

  • Battery: 4 x AAA Alkaline

  • Transmitter: Syncro KT-531P

  • Speed: Approx. 3.3km/h - 6.6km/h (Pinion gears 10T〜 20T)

  • Running Time Approx. 60 mins


  • Complete chassis with built-in electronics.

  • Factory-painted body complete with many fine details

  • KT-531P 2.4GHz transmitter

  • Pinion gear set (10T、12T、14T、16T、18T、20T)

  • 3 types of pinion gear spacers

  • Pairing stick


  • AAA batteries for the transmitter (4 pcs)

  • AAA batteries for chassis (Alkaline or NiMH) (4 pcs)

Rcmart Description
Car Brand Toyota
Completeness Ready To Run
Power Plant Electric
Scale 1/24
Vehicle Type Rock Crawler
Vehicle Type Mini-Z

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