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KO Propo EX-NEXT Master Unit Upgrade Set

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This is KO Propo EX-NEXT Master Unit Upgrade Set. If you already have a KIY CONCEPT radio, you can upgrade to the latest EX-NEXT by replacing it with the master unit, LCD expansion, and receiver of this set. You can use the latest operation performance at the minimum cost without wasting your unit. Also, If you use with Drop extension unit 2,1,  you  will have more good feeling.

KIY (Kustomize it Yourself) CONCEPT, which consists of a detachable unit that can be attached and detached with one touch without tools, creates a new driving style. You can freely combine it with each unit and operate it in your own style.

The weight of the master unit has been reduced to the utmost limit. Achieves both optimal weight balance and usability. Furthermore, by making the antenna short and compact, outstanding maneuverability has been achieved. Furthermore, the LCD unit can be installed by rotating it 90 ° according to the driver's preference. You can choose and use from "XT advanced mode" which is the world record response for one way communication and "XT telemetry mode" which is compatible for Telemetry ( 2 ways communication).

An all new control software and radio communication software of the EX-NEXT has been developed.  World record class communication response and High resolution control are installed. "XT Advanced mode" that is the highest speed in EX-NEXT is about 3 times the speed of the EX-RR. The performance far exceeds the conventional high-speed communication. High-speed communication in the XT advanced mode improves the information density that will be sent to the receivers. You will feel a "Fine and smooth maneuvering feeling" by unprecedented high-definition and high-resolution control when operating.

EX-NEXT supports "XT Telemetry mode" that uses 2-way communication. When "4S series servos" that support serial compatible are connected to the B/S port in the new receiver KR-420XT, you can use "REAL TIME ICS". So, you can easily change parameters of servos from the transmitter without accessing the car directly. Setting your car with more freedom and more detail without compromise. Also, even using the XT Telemetry mode that is 2-way communication, the High-speed response is still faster thanthe EX-RR.

Currently mainstream servo control method is performed by PWM control. PWM control method uses pulse width to send position of servos output from receiver. Serial control method uses a digital signal value to send the position of the servo output. So, communication speed of the Serial control method will be significantly faster than a PWM control method, time ofthe servo’s action from your operation input is shorter. Operating feeling will be ultra high speed like operating thecar directly.

Includes KR-420XT, which is even more compact than KR-418FH. The short antenna type, which is easy to handle, allows the antenna to stand directly on the receiver. By connecting a 4S servo to the B / S port, you can operate the servo serially. Also, if you connect to 1 to 4CH, you can use the conventional servo. It also supports HCS by switching the port mode.

LCD expansion unit 2 EXP-201 supports various RF modes, response modes, and various setting items added from EX-NEXT. Easy setting is possible with easy-to-understand menu structure and button operation. This product has a new ICS servo setting function. It supports not only 4S serial servos but also conventional ICS servos. You can change the servo parameters by connecting the servo directly to expansion 2 without using a PC or servo model selector. In addition, it is necessary to change the ID when using multiple 4S servos serially, but it can be easily assigned from this product.


  • For: Radio System

  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: White


  • Power supply: AAA size dry battery,Ni-MH battery x4 (sold separately) / Li-Fe battery(2cell 6.6V)(sold separately) / Li-Po battery(2cell 7.4V)(sold separately)

  • Current: 200mA or less

  • Channel:PWM 4ch/ Serial 8ID *Maximum setting ID number of serial are different by each products.

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz

  • Radio Mode: XT

  • Model Memory 50*Model data is stored in the Master Unit.

  • Receiver: KR-420XT


  • Master Unit EX-NEXT (1 pc)

  • LCD Xpansion Unit 2 EXP-201 (1 pc)

  • Receiver: KR-420XT (Short Antenna) (1 pc)

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Brand KO Propo

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