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Infinity IF14-II 1/10 EP Touring Chassis Kit Aluminum Chassis Edition

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Tags: Infinity Touring Car


This is Infinity IF14-Ⅱ 1/10 EP Touring Chassis Kit Aluminum Chassis Edition. In order to find the optimal solution for weight balance and front and rear belt length, all possible motor and spur gear positions were tested, and the derived drive layout moved the spur gear position to the front side of the motor while the motor position was the same as the conventional IF14. This layout allows the car to move the most straightforwardly to drive the driver's steering and throttle work, making it possible to drive at a stable time throughout the race.

The newly designed suspension arm incorporates a new system that enables fine adjustment of the shock lever ratio. By combining this new system with the corresponding newly designed shock tower, it is possible to change only the shock lever ratio without changing the shock mounting angle, and it is possible to change the shock lever ratio even with the same shock spring. Now, the spring rate that acts on the tire can be finely changed, and more detailed settings can be made.

Furthermore, when the mounting width of the suspension arm was changed, the shock mounting angle also changed in the past, but in IF14-II it is possible to change only the suspension geometry without changing the shock mounting angle, making it simpler. And it's possible to set up like never before.

The steering ackerman can be adjusted by replacing the steering plate, and the steering characteristics can be set according to the course conditions.

The newly designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) shock, which is about 3.5 mm shorter than the conventional model, contributes significantly to lowering the center of gravity of the entire chassis. To secure the maximum oil capacity and shock stroke, the shock piston is fixed in a new design using special screws. The top surface of the piston is flat, ensuring a shock stroke at full stroke and sufficient oil capacity for stable running.

The newly designed center pulley made of resin has a large size of 21T. The drive efficiency is improved and belt skips are less likely to occur. The axle shaft supported by a cantilever on the motor mount uses three ball bearings to increase the mounting rigidity of the center pulley and spur gear.

Separated suspension mount from lower bulkhead. The rigidity balance around the front and rear bulkheads was reviewed, and the input characteristics to the tire were reviewed.

Suspension mount continues to be separated. By inserting a dedicated shim between the suspension mount and suspension block, the advantage of being able to easily make finer geometry settings is great, and it has been proved in IF14.


  • Newly designed 2-belt drive layout

  • Newly designed front and rear lower suspension arms

  • Newly designed shock lever ratio adjustment system

  • Newly designed shock mount position adjustment system

  • Newly designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) oil shock & shock tower

  • Newly designed adjustable Ackermann Steering Plate

  • Newly Designed Aluminum Main Chassis & Top Deck

  • Newly Designed Suspension Mount

  • Newly Designed Upper & Lower Bulkhead

  • Newly Designed Adjustable Upper Camber Link Mount

  • Newly Designed Resin Front Spool Axle

  • Newly Designed Center Axle & Spur Gear Holder

  • Newly designed aluminum integrated motor mount

  • Newly designed aluminum integrated servo mount

  • Newly designed battery holder


  • Infinity IF14-II 1/10 EP Touring Chassis Kit Aluminum Chassis Edition (1 pc)


  • Radio System

  • Servo

  • Motor

  • Battery

  • Charger

  • ESC

  • Body

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