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Xtra Speed XS-TA29031
Aluminum Front Gear Box Cover For Tamiya Top Force TA01 TA-02 Manta Ray
USD 9.90
Tamiya 13545007
Drive Gear Set For DF01 TA01 TA02 Manta Ray Top Force
USD 4.80
Tamiya 13485039
Propeller Shaft For DF01 TA01
USD 5.30
Yeah Racing TA01-042BU
Alum Bearing Steering Set (BU) For TA01/TA02
USD 11.90 USD 12.90
Tamiya 53854
V-Tread Block Tires (75/47) 2Pcs For NDF01 GF01
USD 9.90 USD 12.00
Yeah Racing TA01-008BU
Aluminum Front Damper Plate (BU) For TA01/TA02
USD 12.90 USD 13.90
Yeah Racing TA01-134BU
Aluminum Modified Main Drive Shaft (BU) For TA01
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing TA01-027BU
Aluminum Gear Cover (BU) For TA01/TA02
USD 15.21 USD 16.90
Yeah Racing TA01-013BU
Alum Modified Motor Mount (16-21T) For TA01/TA02/DF01/Top Force/Manta Ray
USD 9.50 USD 9.90
Yeah Racing DF01-002BU
Alum Rear Lower Arm (BU) For DF01
USD 7.95 USD 15.90
Yeah Racing DF01-001BU
Alum Front Lower Arm (BU) For DF01
USD 7.45 USD 14.90
Tamiya 50529
4WD Touring & Rally Car Plastic Gear For TA02 Chassis
USD 8.00 USD 10.00
GPM Racing DF1030-B
Aluminum Rear Shock Tower Set Blue For Tamiya DF01
USD 15.60
GPM Racing DF1028-B
Aluminum Front Shock Tower Set Blue For Tamiya DF01
USD 15.60
Yeah Racing TA01-009BU
Alum Rear Damper Plate (BU) For TA01 / TA02
USD 12.90 USD 13.90
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