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Factory Pro RC O-DB3507
169T 507 Low Fraction Drive Belt For 1/10 RC Onroad
USD 11.50
Yeah Racing YB0283BX
RC PTFE Bearing Set with Bearing Oil For Tamiya TRF418/419 Chassis
USD 11.90 USD 12.90
Arrowmax AM-010053
ARROWMAX Spring Steel ECS Drive Shaft Set V2 For Tamiya TRF 418 2pcs Free Ship
USD 39.90 USD 44.90
Free Shipping
Samix 418-CK-01
Graphite Aluminum Conversion Kit For Tamiya TRF418
USD 95.90 USD 129.90
Tamiya 42309
Aluminum 37T One Way Pulley For TRF419 TRF419X TRF418 TA07
USD 24.90
Tamiya 53570
Clamp Type Alu. Wheel Hub (4mm Thick)
USD 14.40
Tamiya 54691
TRF419 D Parts Suspension Arms 2Pcs For For TA TB FF TRF418
USD 5.80
Tamiya 54692
TRF419 E Parts Rear Uprights 2Pcs For TRF419X TRF418
USD 4.90
Samix SMT-6010s
BD7 & TRF Adjustable Battery Holder Black For All Chassis SMT-6010S
USD 19.90 USD 23.90
Tamiya 54648
Fluorine Coated Stabilizer Ball Connector Set
USD 5.35
Samix 418-1001sV2
Graphite Narrow Main Chassis w/ Aluminum Battery Guard For Tamiya TRF418 Version 2
USD 45.90 USD 59.90
Samix 418-1002V2
Graphite Upper Deck For Tamiya TRF418 Version 2
USD 8.90 USD 15.30
Samix 418-CK-01V2
Graphite Aluminum Conversion Kit For Tamiya TRF418 Version 2
USD 84.90 USD 129.90
Samix SMT-6007
Aluminum Fan Mount 40mm For All Chassis
USD 9.20 USD 11.50
Yeah Racing DSG-08A
Aluminum Shock Head Set For DSG Shock-Gear Tamiya TRF
USD 5.90
Tamiya 42281
TRF418 Stabilizer Set Front/Rear
USD 17.10
Tamiya 54589
Differential Shim Set For 1/10 4WD Touring Cars and 4WD Off-Road Buggies
USD 3.69
Tamiya 42278
TRF Damper Large Diameter Spring Set
USD 7.50
Tamiya 54580
Carbon Reinforced Hub Carrier 4 Degree For Reversible Suspension Arms
USD 5.50
Tamiya 54568
TRF418 C Parts Carbon Reinforced Front Uprights
USD 3.50
Tamiya 54569
TRF418 D Parts Carbon Reinforced Suspension Arms
USD 4.90
Tamiya 54570
TRF418 E Parts Carbon Reinforced Rear Uprights
USD 3.70
Tamiya 51559
TRF418 Rear Belt 63T
USD 3.90
Tamiya 51536
TRF417V5 Swing Shaft Cup
USD 2.50 USD 3.60
Tamiya 53334
Low Friction Damper V Parts (Damper Collar)
USD 2.50 USD 3.50
Tamiya 51104
D Parts For TB Evo.IV/TRF415MS
USD 8.60
Tamiya 13454918
TRF418 Aluminum Upper Bulkhead FA Blue
USD 14.90
Tamiya 13404030
TRF418 Carbon Graphite Bumper Holder 2mm
USD 15.10
Samix 419-6009
Floating Steering System For Tamiya TRF419X TRF419 TRF418
USD 23.40 USD 25.00
Samix SMT-6007A
Aluminum Fan Mount 30mm For All Chassis
USD 11.50
Tamiya 13454920
TRF418 Aluminum Upper Bulkhead RA Blue
USD 14.90
Tamiya 51557
TRF418 Spur Gear 116T
USD 2.30
Tamiya 51558
TRF418 Front Belt 169T
USD 5.20
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