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Tamiya 13454709
Idler Shaft Silver For TRF201 FF03 TA06
USD 6.00
Yeah Racing WA-015BU
Alloy Wheel Washer Set Thick 5mm (BU) For 1/10 RC Touring Drift Crawler
USD 5.90
Yeah Racing WA-017BU
Aluminum 5.5mm Wheel Adapter Set (BU) For All 1/10 Touring Drift Crawler Car
USD 5.90
Yeah Racing FF03-006BU
Aluminum Front Knuckle Arm (2pcs) (BU) for Tamiya FF03/TA07/TA05-VDF/TRF416/TRF417/TB03/TB03D
USD 13.90
Tamiya 53924
DF-03 Heat Sink Bar Set
USD 9.00 USD 10.50
Tamiya 54747
TRF419X Low Friction Resin 5mm Suspension Ball 8pcs White
USD 5.50
Yeah Racing WA-016BU
Alloy Wheel Washer Set Thick 6mm (BU) For 1/10 RC Touring Drift Crawler Car
USD 5.90
Tamiya 51423
06 68T Spur Gear For FF03 XV01
USD 2.50
Tamiya 84410
Carbon Servo Plate For TA06 / FF03
USD 7.90
Tamiya 53569
Clamp Type Alum Wheel Hub (6MM Thick) 4pcs
USD 14.40
Tamiya 53646
0.5mm 1.0mm Wheel Spacer (Blue) 4pcs each
USD 5.50
Tamiya 53933
Alu. Suspension Mount Spacer (1mm)
USD 5.30 USD 6.90
Tamiya 54471
Steel Gear Differential Unit Rear TA06 TA06 PRO FF-03R XV-01
USD 19.90
Tamiya 54602
TA06 Aluminum Differential Unit Cover For TA-06, XV-01, TRF201XM
USD 9.80
Tamiya 54589
Differential Shim Set For 1/10 4WD Touring Cars and 4WD Off-Road Buggies
USD 3.69
Tamiya 54580
Carbon Reinforced Hub Carrier 4 Degree For Reversible Suspension Arms
USD 5.50
Yeah Racing TA05IFS-005BU
Aluminum Bearing C-Hub 4 Deg. (BU) for Tamiya TA05IFS
USD 12.90 USD 13.90
3Racing FF03-12/LB
Steering Track For Tamiya FF03
USD 18.90
Tamiya 54568
TRF418 C Parts Carbon Reinforced Front Uprights
USD 3.50
Tamiya 54570
TRF418 E Parts Carbon Reinforced Rear Uprights
USD 3.70
Tamiya 54532
Alumimum Gear Differential Unit Cup Joint for TA06
USD 10.20
Yeah Racing PB-001
Suspension Pivot Ball (10 pcs) For Tamiya 3 Racing Spec R RC Car Kits
USD 3.90
Tamiya 54490
TA06 One Piece Flanged Tuber and Spacer 4.5x3.5mm fits TA05 TB03 FF03 TRF417
USD 1.90
Tamiya 54121
HT Servo Saver
USD 10.70
Tamiya 51000
Servo Saver High Torque Type (black)
USD 6.40 USD 7.90
Tamiya 54428
Steel Bevel Gears For TA06 Gear Differential Unit
USD 8.60 USD 9.20
Tamiya 54454
XV-01 Aluminum Steering Brideg fits PRO T TC FF-03 Uprade Set
USD 9.90
Tamiya 54451
XV-01 Aluminum Steering Arms fits PRO T TC FF-03
USD 14.50
Tamiya 54226
3/32 Inch Tungsten Differential Ball
USD 6.90 USD 9.70
Tamiya 54232
M3 X 0.5mm Tread Forming Tap
USD 8.90 USD 10.80
Yeah Racing YB0237BX
RC PTFE Bearing Set with Bearing Oil For Tamiya FF03 Chassis
USD 17.90
Tamiya 54398
FF-03 Gear Case (For Gear Differential)
USD 7.60
Tamiya 54344
TA06 Lightweight Idler Shaft
USD 1.80
Tamiya 54343
M-Chassis Lightweight Freewheel Axle
USD 3.90 USD 5.30
Tamiya 42194
3/32 Inch Ceramic Differential Ball (12Pcs)
USD 11.90 USD 14.50
Yeah Racing FF03-067-SP
Delrin Front Axle Set (1 pair) for FF03-067-01BU use
USD 1.99 USD 9.90
Yeah Racing FF03-069BU
Aluminum Ball Differential Joint Set (BU) for Tamiya FF03
USD 2.99 USD 18.90
Yeah Racing FF03-067-01BU
Derlin/Aluminum Front Axle Set (BU) for Tamiya FF03 (to use FF03-015-03BU Ball Shaft)
USD 2.99 USD 16.90
3Racing 416-18/LB
Aluminium Knuckle Arm For 416 & FF03
USD 12.90
3Racing 415-01/1XC/V2
Aluminium Suspension Mount (1XC) - Ver. 2 For TRF415
USD 3.60 USD 5.50
Tamiya 51100
4.6x4.7mm Flanged Tube for TB-EVO IV, TRF-415 & FF03
USD 2.00
Tamiya 16275076
Urethane Bumper For FF-03
USD 5.95
Tamiya 19005979
A Part (Gear Box) For FF-03
USD 3.50 USD 7.50
Tamiya 54235
FF-03 Alum. Racing Steering Set
USD 24.50
Tamiya 54233
FF-03 Aluminum Diff Joint Set for FF-03 and FF-03 PRO
USD 15.40
Tamiya 54229
FC06 Module Pinion (28T & 29T)
USD 6.80
Tamiya 54228
FC06 Module Pinion (26T & 27T)
USD 6.80
Tamiya 54227
FF-03 04 Module Spur Gear
USD 3.10
Tamiya 51419
FF-03 B Parts (bumper)
USD 6.50
Tamiya 51416
52T Ball Diff. Gear Set
USD 2.90
Tamiya 51422
FF-03 M Parts (Damper Stay)
USD 0.79 USD 4.30
3Racing SAK-40D
46mm Swing Shaft - Heavy Duty For 3racing Sakura Zero
USD 6.40
Yeah Racing TB03-019-1XC-B...
Aluminium Suspension Mount (1XC) (BU) for Tamiya TB-03, TRF416, TB Evo 5 MS
USD 1.99 USD 4.90
Yeah Racing TB03-019-1F-BU
Aluminium Suspension Mount (1F) (BU) for Tamiya TB-03, TRF416, TB Evo 5 MS
USD 2.45 USD 4.90
Tamiya 54183
M-Chassis Rein. Freewheel Axle Set
USD 5.20
Tamiya 49299
Diff. Spring (SV)
USD 1.60 USD 2.50
Tamiya 54070
TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mount (1B)
USD 8.70
Yeah Racing ER-0006
E-Ring (E 4.0) 10pcs
USD 1.90 USD 2.10
Tamiya 51354
TB-03 E parts (Rear Upright)
USD 2.80
Tamiya 53993
TA05-IFS Rocker Arm Set
USD 20.40
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