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Xray XR-305446
T4 High-Performance Kevlar Drive Belt Rear 3x189mm
USD 12.50
Exotek Racing 1819
Stainless Steel Differential Saver Sleeves 1 pair Silver For Losi 22 4.0 SPEC-Racer
USD 8.70 USD 11.80
Spec R SPR-R2H744
Aluminum Rear Hub 2 pcs Red For R2 S1 S2
USD 14.90 USD 16.50
ID Products ID-S82850
Carbon Graphite Servo Upper Plate For Spec-R S2
USD 4.17 USD 6.50
ID Products ID-S82630
Carbon Graphite Front Shock Tower 3.0mm For Spec-R S2
USD 5.42 USD 8.30
3Racing T3-01
SSK 52mm Driveshaft for T3 fits Spec R R1 S1 Xray T4
USD 23.90 USD 35.90
Xray XR-305432
High-Performance Kevlar Drive Belt Front 3x513mm for T2 T3 T4
USD 12.70
Yokomo BD-189L
BD Rear Drive Belt
USD 4.85
Spec R SPR010-G2
Carbon Internal Gear Set for Gear Differential #SPR009-XR fits R1 S1
USD 5.90
Spec R SPR-R1B807
Hex Flat Head Screw M2 x 6 (10 pcs)
USD 2.59
Spec R SPR-R1-COM1
Aluminum Bulkhead Upgrade Kit Red For S1 S2
USD 41.90
Spec R SPR-R2H743
Aluminum Steering Block 2 pcs Red For R2 S1 S2
USD 13.90
Spec R SPR-R1A126
R1 Aluminum Shocks Set
USD 29.90
Spec R SPR-R1K732
HD Gear Differential Set For SpecR R1 S1 S2 XRay T3
USD 29.90
Spec R SPR-R2H742
Aluminum Fan Mount V2 Red For Spec-R Touring Car
USD 4.90
Spec R SPR-R2H741
Floating Steering Conversion Kit For Spec-R R2/R1/S2
USD 23.90
Spec R SPR-R1K738
Carbon Rear Hub Steering Block Set Hard For R1 S1, S2
USD 8.30
Spec R SPR-R1A120
Aluminium Steering Linkage Set For S2 / R1
USD 22.50
Spec R SPR-R1H715
Aluminium Belt Stabilizer Mount For S2 / R1
USD 6.60
Spec R SPR-S2C612
S2 Central Servo Mount Set
USD 9.50
Spec R SPR-S2A204
S2 Aluminium Motor Mount and Centre Support
USD 11.90
Spec R SPR-R1K739
Carbon C Hub Set Hard For 1/10 Touring
USD 8.30
Spec R SPR-R1K734
Internal Gear For HD Gear Diff 1/10 Touring
USD 6.40
Spec R SPR-R1K737
Carbon Suspension Apm Set Hard For 1/10 Touring
USD 8.30
Spec R SPR051
Adjustable Battery Holder With Tape For Touring
USD 16.90
Spec R SPR008-NXR
Drive Shaft Blades for R1 S1 Xray T3 T4
USD 2.50
Spec R SPR-R1H727
7075 Aluminun Hard Coated Center Pulley (20T)
USD 25.10
Spec R SPR-R1P316
Body Mount Set for R1 S1
USD 4.40
Spec R SPR-R1H721
Spur Gear Shaft Bushing Long (POM) for R1 S1
USD 2.90
Spec R SPR-R1P313
Front Bumper Set for R1
USD 6.50
Spec R SPR-R1A104
Spur Gear Shaft for R1 S1
USD 3.20
Spec R SPR019-B189
Low Friction Rear Belt 63T for R1 S1 Xray T3 T4 Yokomo BD5 BD7
USD 6.40
Spec R SPR-R1P304
Front Spool Outdrive Adapters for R1 S1 and Xray T2 T3 T4
USD 4.90
Spec R SPR-R1H717
R1 Aluminum Central Servo Mount for R1 S1
USD 15.90
Spec R SPR-R1P303
Rear Hub & Steering Block for R1 S1
USD 5.90
Spec R SPR-R1P317
Front Spool Pullet for R1 S1
USD 5.90
Spec R SPR-R1P301
R1 C Hub Set
USD 5.90
Spec R SPR-R1P302
Suspension Arm Set for R1 S1
USD 5.90
Spec R SPR-R1H716
Sway Bar Set (1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5mm) for R1 S1
USD 5.90
Spec R SPR-R1A103
C Hub Bushing Set for R1 S1
USD 3.50
Spec R SPR-R1A113
Outer Pivot Oin 25mm for R1 S1
USD 2.50
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