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Hello Valued Customer, Due to the worldwide epidemic our long time mail partner: Hong Kong Post's services has been affected greatly. Rest assured, we have sourced several other courier methods, and hope to send all orders to all our customers around the world. Even with the new courier methods, shipping times will have some delays, hope you will understand that during these difficult times due to reduced flights no courier can function as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Kawada KDC51
C Rubber Compound Rear Tire 35deg 4pcs For World GT
USD 17.40 USD 21.53
Kawada RSF16a
M300FX4 O-Ring Diaphragm
USD 3.20 USD 6.55
Kawada KDC50
C Rubber Compound Front Tire 35deg 4pcs For World GT
USD 9.99 USD 14.04
Kawada KF110
Upper Arm Narrow For F500
USD 9.90 USD 15.15
Kawada KF102
Lower Suspension Plate Narrow For F500
USD 9.90 USD 18.18
Kawada KF03
Lower Brace For F500
USD 16.75 USD 20.20
Kawada RGT12a
Axle Shaft for M300GT M500GT
USD 2.99 USD 5.63
Kawada RS44
PIVOT BALL 4Pcs White For M300RSX M300SX M300GT Suspension Arm
USD 5.00
Kawada KF40
F500 PARTS A Rear Suspension End 2Pcs Black
USD 9.99 USD 17.60
Kawada RSC84H
Hard Resin PARTS J For F500 M300FX
USD 6.43 USD 9.90
Kawada RSD41
M300FX3 PARTS B1 Suspension Spacer Upper Arm End Caster Shim 2Pcs Black
USD 6.41 USD 7.70
Kawada RSB8B
Aluminum Motor Mount Support 1Pc Blue For M500GT M300FX2
USD 2.32 USD 4.10
Kawada RS44B
Brass Hard SUS Ball 4pcs Gold For M300FX M500WGT F500
USD 3.39 USD 5.11
Kawada KD04C
1/10 M500GT Carbon Upper Brace
USD 6.70 USD 10.22
Kawada RGT80S
M300GT Front Wheel w/ Tire 30 degrees 2Pcs
USD 7.71 USD 9.50
Kawada R30T40
M3 x 40mm Turnbuckle Rod 4 pcs
USD 3.33
Kawada KDD51
Rear Rubber Tire For GT Type P 30 Degree 2pcs
USD 8.90 USD 16.00
Kawada KDC51S
C Rubber Compound Rear Tire 30deg 4pcs For World GT
USD 13.57 USD 21.53
Kawada BIF46
R Spec Ball Bearing 0.25inch×0.375inch 2Pcs For M300FX M500WGT
USD 5.10 USD 7.69
Kawada D1R225
C Rubber Compound Rear Tire 25deg 4pcs For 1/12 Sponge Tire
USD 6.72 USD 10.14
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