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Hello Valued Customer, Due to the worldwide epidemic our long time mail partner: Hong Kong Post's services has been affected greatly. Rest assured, we have sourced several other courier methods, and hope to send all orders to all our customers around the world. Even with the new courier methods, shipping times will have some delays, hope you will understand that during these difficult times due to reduced flights no courier can function as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Yokomo RP-054
Racing Performer 5mm 24K Gold Plug 2 pcs
USD 4.25
Yokomo RP-033
30x30x10mm Racing Performer HYPER Cooling Fan For BD7 BD8 YZ-2 YZ-4
USD 17.00
Yokomo RP-031
30x30x10mm Racing Performer Cooling Fan For BD7 BD8 YZ-2 YZ-4
USD 9.90
Yokomo RP-032
40x40x10mm Racing Performer Cooling Fan For BD7 BD8 YZ-2 YZ-4
USD 11.00
Yokomo BD-500GOB
Neoprene Gear Differential O-Ring 4 pcs Black For BD7 BD8
USD 2.00
Yokomo BD-500GO
Silicon Gear Differential O-Ring 4 pcs Red For BD7 BD8 YZ-2
USD 2.15
Yokomo B7-011NB
4.5mm Clamping Wheel Hex Hub 2 pcs Black w/ Spacers For BD7 BD8
USD 12.70
Yokomo ZC-002P
Chassis Protect Sheet
USD 11.00
Yokomo B7-SS10
BD7 Suspension Mount Spacers 1.0mm
USD 13.80
Yokomo B7-SS05
BD7 Suspension Mount Spacers 0.5mm
USD 13.80
Yokomo B7-SS08
BD7 Suspension Mount Spacers 0.8mm
USD 13.80
Yokomo B7-110
Aluminum Wing Plate For Touring Car
USD 8.40
Yokomo B7-118RS
Battery Stopper Rubber Sheet Black For BD7-2015
USD 2.30
Yokomo BD-BTCS
Steel Belt Tension Cam Spring Set For BD7/BD5
USD 2.15
Yokomo BD-ABM6B
Aluminum Adjustable Body Mount Set For BD7 Black
USD 7.65
Yokomo B7-S8H
Hard Coated Shock Mounting Balls 4pcs for BD-7 BD-5
USD 10.55
Yokomo TW-1012H2
Medium-Narrow Special Precision Wheel for 1:10 Touring Cars
USD 5.50
Yokomo TW-1012-2
Aero Disc Wheel
USD 5.50
Yokomo B10-BWM5
BD10 Motor Slit Balance Weight 6g
USD 11.00
Yokomo B10-RTC
BD10 Rear Toe Control System
USD 142.90 USD 154.80
Yokomo B10-118G1
BD10 Graphite Shorty Battery Holder Set
USD 74.55 USD 80.80
Yokomo B10-302MB
BD10 Brass Motor Mount Black
USD 74.55 USD 80.80
Yokomo B10-011B
BD10 Brass 4mm Clamp Hex Wheel Hub Set
USD 14.35
Yokomo B9-S116
BD9 6 Hole 1.1mm Big Bore Short Shock Piston 4 pcs White
USD 8.85
Yokomo B9-SSL265
BD9 2.65 Rate Linear Shock Spring 2 pcs
USD 9.90
Yokomo B8-011NB
BD8 3.5mm Wheel Hub 2 pcs Black
USD 7.55
Yokomo RP-055
Racing Performer 24K Gold 4mm 5mm Plug Set
USD 3.65
Yokomo B7-GW40L
0.5mm Lightweight GOKURAKU Wing 4.0 For 1/10 Touring Car
USD 7.10
Yokomo B8-301BS
BD8 Suspension Mount Bushing Set Black
USD 7.55
Yokomo B7-GW40SD
Side Plate For GOKURAKU Wing 4.0
USD 2.90
Yokomo BD-011CB
BD7 Wheel Hub Clunk Black 5mm
USD 11.20
Yokomo BD-301B
3mm Suspension Pin Ball 4pcs Black For BD7/BD5
USD 2.70
Yokomo B7-GW40
GOKURAKU Wing 4.0 For BD7
USD 7.10
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