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Xray M18T, Pro & MT Parts

Xray XR-389938
Wheel Aerodisk - M18T (PP)
USD 9.50
3Racing M18T-19RF
Rebuild Kit For Alu. Front Damper Set
USD 4.90
3Racing M18T-19RR
Rebuild Kit For Alu. Rear Damper Set
USD 4.90
3Racing M18T-07/BU
(M18T-07) Alu. Ball Stud Set (BU)
USD 6.50
3Racing M18T-08
64Titanium Turnbuckle Set W/Ballcups And Truer
USD 13.90
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Xray M18T,  Pro & MT Parts

Xray M18T Pro / M18MT Spare Parts, Replacement Parts, Upgrade Parts, Hopup parts & option Parts in stock. In rcMart, you can find many Xray M18 parts to upgrade your Xray M18 Micro offroad Car

The M18T is a unique 1/18 scale micro sized truck that was designed by the world famous Xray design team for all out fun and enjoyment. Whether you race it or bash it you are going to love the four wheel independent suspension oil filled shocks, high performance 4WD balanced chassis layout that features 22 high performance ball bearings.