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Hudy HUDY Bearing Oil

HUDY Bearing Oil
HUDY Bearing Oil
HUDY Bearing Oil
HUDY Bearing Oil
HUDY Bearing Oil
  • Brand: Hudy
  • Model: HSP-106230
  • SKU: 00039325
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HUDY Bearing Oil #HSP-106230


This is a bottle of HUDY Bearing Oil. High-quality HUDY Bearing Oil is used to lubricate bearings for ultra-smooth operation and long lifespan. Excellent for use on dusty tracks and carpet tracks because it helps combat the effects of dust and carpet hair contamination. Super thin to help promote quick penetration and fast & easy coverage. Recommended for use immediately after bearing cleaning (e.g. with spray cleaner).


  • For metal and ceramic bearing
  • Consist of ceramic
  • Resistant to abrasion


  • HUDY Bearing Oil (1 pc)

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