Kyosho 1/8 RC Motorcycle Modification | Yeah Racing RC Motorcycle Optional Parts

Let us introduce the Optional Parts that Yeah Racing launched for the Kyosho 1/8 RC motorcycle! In addition to being pretty and cool, it also has certain practicality. Anyone who has played Kyosho 1/8 Motorcycle can refer to it!

(1) Aluminum Gearbox Housing For Kyosho 1/8 Motorcycle

Producer: Yeah Racing
Item No: # KYMC-003 

Aluminium gearbox housing for your Kyosho 1/12 motorbike! It is made of aluminium and is able to provide better protection, which means it is plenty tough without breaking the bank.

Aluminium gearbox, the package includes four 3x7 bearings and related screws.

Yeah Racing # KYMC-003 - Aluminum Gearbox

Yeah Racing # KYMC-003 - Mounting the Aluminum Gearbox

(2) Aluminum Rear Swing Arm Black For Kyosho 1/8 Motorcycle

Producer: Yeah Racing
Item No: # KYMC-002
Reinforced rear swing arm for Kyosho's 1/8 RC motorcycle, improving the stability of the rear end for better traction out of corners!

# KYMC-0002

(3) Aluminum Stand Black For Kyosho 1/8 Motorcycle

Yeah Racing Aluminum Stand for your Kyosho motorbike, for either work on your bike or display! With bearing support wheels for you to launch at race starts as well! Available in two colours.

Producer: Yeah Racing
Item No: # KYMC-002

More convenient to display your Kyosho Motorcycle with the Yeah Racing Stand!

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