rcMart is an RC megastore, that carries a lot of RC Brands across from On-road, Off-road, Drift, and Crawler Products with Thousands of Parts and Accessories. rcMart not only carries RC products but also carries a lot of scale model cars. Tamiya, Tomica, Tomytec are the brands’ products scale model cars. Here we will introduce you.


Among Japan’s most well-known toys, these die-cast cars have captivated three generations of children. Tomica products were refreshingly different: modeled on made-in-Japan vehicles, they came in sizes (1/64) that fit easily in the palm of a child’s hand. Diecast bodies gave them an authentic feel, and they were painted using the same baked enamel finish used on real automobiles. These days, there are 140 models in the Tomica diecast lineup at any one time. The lineup is continually being refreshed.



Other product lines of Tomica, based on regular Tomica models but with more advanced detailing.


Tamiya Scale Models

Next, Tamiya mainly produces 1/24 scale model car. Tamiya 1/24 scale model presents the opportunity to build a wide variety of automotive subjects at your leisure. The extensive lineup includes popular race cars, touring cars, rally cars, and classic cars as well as some of the world’s best sports cars. Each machine’s unique form and styling is accurately replicated.


Almost Real

 Also, Almost Real models is a diecast car manufacturer. One main difference between Almost Real models compared to most other car model manufactures is that their models are made of resin and not metal. This gives Almost Real models significant weight and an authentic feel. Another added benefit to using metal, is that these models are less fragile and flimsy than their resin counterparts. Almost Real models deliver quality miniatures that won’t disappoint.


Scale Model Cars

Scale Model Car is constantly growing, Children and adults alike enjoy the diverse range of Scale Model Car, and is looking like a very exciting future for scale model car collectors.

Other Brands in rcMart which sells Scale Model Cars
Mini GT, Tarmac Works, Inno64, Hobby Japan, Tiny, Almost Real, BM Creations.... & more 

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