RCMAKER SP1 & SP1-F RC Touring Car

RC MAKER releases the first photo of the SP1 Touring Car's chassis!

RC MAKER finally released the first chassis photo of SP1! SP1 is their first touring and FWD car. We can’t help but wonder whether the SP1’s performance will bring surprises. More news will be updated one after another, so pay close attention!

RC MAKER announces SP1 touring and SP1-F FWD car!

The RC community has something to be excited about as Australian company RC MAKER is preparing to release their first-ever touring car and FWD car this year (2024). Ryan Maker, the owner and car designer, is heading to the TITC in Bangkok, Thailand to introduce the car using an SP1 prototype. Ryan and his team, alongside their partners, have been working tirelessly to make this dream a reality.

The TITC event will be the car's first official race outing, allowing Ryan to gather valuable insights and learn more about the car's performance at the challenging RC Addict raceway in Bangkok. Updates on the car's progress will be shared until it becomes available for sale in hobby shops. So, keep an eye out for the RC Maker SP1 & SP1-F!

Ryan Maker - RC MAKER

Today I realise the coming to fruition of a lifelong dream! Thanks to the incredible support we’ve had for RC MAKER over the past 6 years, we are in a position to undertake what I only ever considered a “pipe dream”.

As you can imagine, I’m beyond excited for the new venture. There’s nothing more exciting for me than being at the forefront of developing a race car with unlimited potential! Given our in house resources, we have a massive advantage during this R&D phase to rapid prototype and create many different variations of parts to test, which has already been very successful

Of course in typical RC MAKER fashion, you can expect something a bit outside of the box, pushing the limits, the only way we know. Over the next couple of months we will continue to make refinements as we head into production, with eventual release planned around the middle of 2024.
I want to thank everyone who has supported RC MAKER in any way, and allowed us to pursue this dream. I can’t wait to get our cars out there for everyone to enjoy, and give the great support and development we are known for!

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