Yokomo | MO2.0 1/10 4WD Buggy

Introducing the Master Off-Road MO2.0, which brings out a sense of stability with smooth cornering while increasing the speed range!

Even though the 4WD drive provides overwhelming propulsion, in today's off-road driving, which tends to be quick in cornering, the wheelbase has been extended, the Ackermann ratio has been revised, and the center one-way slipper has been adopted to create a sense of stability. It is possible to run high. In particular, the newly developed one-way slipper works when landing from a jump or entering a corner, eliminating over-traction on the front tires and creating a milder behavior. In addition, the adoption of a Φ13mm big bore shock has dramatically improved the capacity, reliably absorbing the impact from the road surface and enhancing the feeling of grounding.


■ Large capacity 13mm shocks

■ Low height body

■ Laydown front and rear shock towers (rear short shock specifications)

■ Lightweight front and rear bulkheads

■ Lightweight bulkhead caps

■ COL slipper unit (center one-way limiter slipper unit)

■ Main chassis (3) mm long/COL slipper compatible)

■ Center bone (F/51 mm, R/100 mm)

■ Center mount (front side)

■ Center mount plate

■ Servo mount & plate

■ Steering block plate

■ Front suspension arm (heavy duty)

■ High down force rear wing

Φ13mm big bore shocks are used front and rear. With a capacity increase of 10% or more compared to the conventional model, it reliably absorbs jump landings and shocks from the road surface, increasing traction.

In addition, the front suspension arm uses a heavy-duty type, making it perfect for crash prevention.

Re-set the Ackermann ratio by changing the steering block plate. We aimed for easy and fast handling with a smooth steering feel even on high-grip road surfaces.

The highlight of this new machine is the COL (Center One Way Limiter) slipper unit. Release excessive front traction when landing jumps or entering corners to prevent sudden movements.

The front and rear bulkheads have been made lighter. Not only has it been made lighter, but it has also been improved in strength by reviewing the rigidity balance.

The front and rear dampers are laid down to contribute to a low center of gravity, and the rear dampers are standard short types to improve maneuverability.

The rear wing is a straight type high traction wing.

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