Kyosho Optima Mid Upgrade Parts

Yeah Racing has recently released a full series of parts for Kyosho Optima Mid RC buggy, upgrading key components on the car.

Carbon Upgrade Parts For Kyosho Optima Mid
# KYOP-002BK/S - Carbon Upper Deck
# KYOP-003BK/S - Carbon Front Shock Tower
# KYOP-004BK/S - Carbon Rear Camberlink Mount
# KYOP-005BK/S - Carbon Rear Shock Tower
# KYOP-006BK/S - Carbon Gear Box Brace
# KYOP-007BK/S - Carbon Front & Rear Suspension Mount

Aluminium Upgrade Parts For Kyosho Optima Mid
# KYOP-009BK - Aluminum Motor Plate
# KYOP-010BK - Aluminum Upper Deck Brace
Kyosho Optima Mid Upgrade Hopup Parts
Overview of the car with the upgraded graphite bits installed, with prototype aluminum parts shown.

Kyosho Optima Mid Upgrade Hopup Parts
Graphite upper deck greatly reinforcing the flex of the buggy for more consistent handling in hotter conditions.

Kyosho Optima Mid Upgrade Hopup Parts
Graphite shock tower increasing durability for landing jumps with the buggy.

Kyosho Optima Mid Upgrade Hopup Parts
A graphite brace was also introduced to beef up the power unit area.

Kyosho Optima Mid Upgrade Hopup Parts
Camberlink mounts and suspension mounts were also release in graphite for helping with the durability of the buggy.

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Kyosho Optima Mid upgrade parts

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Yeah Racing in-house R&D Team makes use of aluminum alloy, graphite, fiberglass, and plastic to design the most trendy RC option parts for different RC Chassis. Most alloy parts are cut by high-performance CNC machines and all products have undergone quality checks before ex-work. Yeah Racing expanded into RC aluminum parts & tool manufacturing in 2004. They have their own factory in China, which is equipped with several CNC machines for making high-precision aluminum option parts. Today, most of the Yeah Racing Aluminum Hop Ups, Dampers & Tools are manufactured under this facility.

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