YR Desert Lizard RC Crawler Damper

Introducing the Yeah Racing Desert Lizard internal spring shock for crawlers comes pre-assembled for easy upgrading your current rig! Comes with a full set of springs and machined pistons for you to set up your rig for all sorts of different conditions! Included are springs for you to build either a droop or a sprung setup, a sprung setup will create a rig that will generate a lot of flex and more suspension travel. For the droop setup, your rig will sit lower and because of a spring under the piston, will be less prone to rolling over but will generate less flex. Featuring a triple O-Ring sealing cartridge that will prevent shock oil leakage!

Yeah Racing Desert Lizard Internal Spring Damper Series is a great upgrade for people who want to improve the performance of their rigs which originally came with plastic shocks. Internal spring dampers commonly seen on real-life crawlers, keep the springs internally to stop dust and other gunk from getting on the springs and affecting performance.

Desert Lizard Two Stage Internal Spring RC Damper 
Color Available: Black, Red, Green, Silver, Orange 

Model # DDL-090 - 90mm
Model # DDL-100 - 100mm
Model # DDL-110 - 110mm
Model # DDL-120 - 120mm

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Desert Lizard Damper in Action

RC Damper Size Measurement

Two common measurements found on dampers and how to measure each. Ensuring you pick the correct length for your crawler.

A look at the internals of the damper, featuring a double o-ring sealed body to keep the oil inside the shock. Also adjustable are the springs which you can build these dampers in either a droop or normal method.
Yeah Racing RC Crawler Damper SetYeah Racing RC Crawler Damper Set

YR Desert Lizard Damper Build Tutorial 

A simple tutorial for the Yeah Racing Desert Lizard DDL Damper Build! Find out more at the video below!

The Rccctr team from Turkey recently made a very in-depth video on how to build every setup of Desert Lizard Scale Crawler Internal Spring shocks!

Damper Spare Parts Available

Assembly instructions of these Yeah Racing Desert Lizard dampers, if you require parts to rebuild or refresh your shocks the parts are also available separately.   Check the parts number & get it at YR Damper Spare Parts 

Yeah Racing RC Crawler Damper Set

Desert Lizard Damper Review

Author: Tim Bloore

As RC crawling and scale trucks grow by leaps and bounds every day Yeah Racing has been kept on their toes coming up with a new and exciting product to trick out our rigs. The new Desert Lizard shock is one of the newest products in their vast lineup of crawler upgrades. From the many different colors offered to the laser-etched graphics on the side, the overall look and appearance just stand out and scream I need to do some off-roading and get dirty. But it’s not always about appearance. The Desert Lizard has the guts to get your rig at the height and spring rate you are looking for. They are a 90mm shock at full length but come with soft, medium and hard springs to give you the ability to run them in a sprung or drooped setup, giving you lots of options and tuneability in seconds to get you set up right where your truck handles the terrain perfectly.

RC Crawler YR Damper Desert Lizard Shock

Author: TJsRC

In this TJsRC episode, how to setup and tune the Yeah Racing Desert Lizard shocks for running them at about a 50% droop on the TRX4. I'll explain a bit about how the internal spring shocks work then walk through my thought process and demonstrate how I set them up. The reason I picked these Yeah racing internal shocks, first off was price, I didn't want to spend a fortune but I wanted more flexibility than the stock TRX4 shocks offered. And flexibility they have, each two pack of these shocks comes with 3 sets of springs, of varying stiffness and with 3 different lengths of each of those. As well as extra O-rings seals for the piston rod and shock body seals. Also it came with 4 different pistons for each shock ranging from the one hole, like I used in the video, up to a 4 hole piston which offers very minimal dampening resistance. Suffice it to say there is a lot of options for how you could set these shocks up and that's what I wanted. At the end of the video I demonstrate why I feel this setup will be better than my previous one.

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RC Crawler YR Damper Desert Lizard Shock

RC Crawler YR Damper Desert Lizard Shock

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