With the release of our Competition Touring Car Upgrade kit for Tamiya's TT02, we would like to run over some details of it.

有想改造您的田宮模型 Tamiya TT02 成為競賽跑車嗎?  Yeah Racing 早一陣子推出了一個將 Tamiya TT02 打造成現役競賽遙控車的改裝零件套裝,一步到位,唔駛一件件零件咁買。先睇吓片,睇吓佢跑成點先!

係咪當堂唔同跴呢?再睇下套野跟D咩零件先! 覆蓋的部分是不包括的項目,該性能升級套件中僅包含與懸架相關的組件

The covered parts are the items that are not included. Only suspension related components are included in this performance upgrade kit.

The steel turnbuckle set included gives you that race touring car look! Which also reduces some weight whilst not sacrificing strength!

套件包括防滾桿固定裝置,它是球形的!平穩的防滾桿動作為您的田宮模型 TT-02 提供更一致的操控!
Included is this designed from the ground up anti-roll bar mount which is ball-raced! Smooth roll bar action to give you more consistent handling for your Tamiya TT-02!

A look at the rear suspension mount which can be adjusted with the included plastic inserts. The shock tower included; made from graphite also provides several angle mounting options!

套件還包括帶鋼外傳動TT02齒輪注油差速器,差速器附有 O形圈密封 (O-Ring),這樣可以改善動力輸出,並使其與鋼材的耐用性相匹配!傳動軸保護器也可以更換。

Included is also the Oil-Filled and O-Ring Sealed TT02 Gear Differential with steel outdrives. This improves power delivery and matches it with the durability of the steel! Driveshaft protectors are also replaceable.

您將能夠看到我們添加到套件中的炭板,該炭板允許向下擋/下垂螺釘撞到某些物體,因此您將能夠調整改裝後的 Tamiya TT02在不同油門速度下的反應!

Here you will be able to see the plate we have added to the kit which allows the downstop/droop screws to hit on something and therefore you will be able to adjust how your car reacts on and off power!