Entry Level of Shaft Drive Car | Xpress Arrow AT1S 1/10 4WD Shaft Drive Sport Touring Car!


The Arrow series takes the best from the Execute series of touring cars and incorporates it in a shaft-driven system. Sporting floating gearboxes to include more chassis flex. The specially designed motor mount makes adjusting gear mesh a breeze. Also bringing various modern designs that bring this car fit for racing straight from the box, the Sport version of the car whilst compromising in some material choices bringing the price down to an entry-level whilst leaving you the option to upgrade where you see fit!

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  • Internal Gear Ratio: 2.353
  • 4WD Shaft Drive Floating Gear Box System

  • Sealed Transmission Gear Box
  • Front Spool & Rear Gear Differential Unit
  • Front & Rear Composite Propeller Shaft
  • Roll Bar Upgradeable   
  • Low Profile Long Travel Short Shocks

  • Durable Composite Drive Gears
  • 2.25mm Fibre Main Chassis

  • 2.0mm Fibre Top Deck

  • Full Turnbuckle Linkages

  • Full Ball Bearing Set

  • Vertical & Horizontal Rear Body Post Included
  • Slotted motor mount for easy-to-adjust gear mesh


    • Type: 1:10 On-road 4WD
    • Length: 380mm
    • Wheelbase: 258mm (Adjustable)
    • Track Width: F186mm / R184mm (Approx.)


    • Arrow AT1S Sport Touring Car Kit (1 pc)


    • Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
    • Steering servo
    • Motor
    • Pinion gear (64p)
    • Speed controller
    • Battery pack & Charger
    • Bodyshell
    • Wheels, Tires, Inserts

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