Traxxas have released several different scale body options for their TRX-4 rig over these past few years. Whilst being scale, the wheelbases are different according to the real vehicle and they have released a guide on how to modify your truck to fit the different bodies.

Different Wheelbases:
The standard wheelbase for TRX-4 trucks and bodies is 12.3” (312 mm) except for the Defender and 2021 Ford Bronco, which are slightly longer at 12.8” (324 mm). This keeps their body dimensions in scale with the full-size vehicles.

Traxxas makes it easy to convert your truck’s wheelbase by collecting the required parts in one package: #8057 converts 12.3” to 12.8”, and 8058 will convert a 12.8” chassis to 12.3.”

Bodies, Tires, and Wheels

Traxxas has released a lot of different options for bodies for your TRX-4, below is a list of all available options currently. There are both pre-painted and unpainted bodies.

To complete the look, Traxxas have released different wheels to pair with the bodies they have.

However, the replica wheels for the Mercedes models and vintage Ford and Chevy trucks require 8255A stub axles which are a few millimeters longer than the 8255 axles.

The extra length allows the axles to accept the covers that hide the wheel nuts on the Mercedes, Ford, and Chevy trucks. The wheels will still fit on the 8255 axles, but you’ll have to leave the nut covers off.


Below is a list of different fenders that go with different bodies, the fenders matter because the newer style bodies can be mounted with fender clips and don't require body post holes.

Bumper Options

The body, wheels, and tires are most responsible for each TRX-4’s replica looks, but the bumpers play a big role too. The chart below shows the correct bumpers for each model, as well as the mounts they require, and the optional winch-compatible bumper.

Differential Covers

Traxxas has also released different differential covers which fit on all their axles which allow you to match the color to your body.

Hope this useful guide from Traxxas helps you in building the perfect scale crawler for you!