Tamiya have announced they are going to release a new TB EVO car, the 8th generation of their shaft driven touring platform with some modern upgrades.

From the video we can see some interesting features such as a clear cover for the gearbox to prevent rocks and dirt from getting in and a shock mount integrated to the bulkhead.

Complete features:

  • Switch between two chassis layouts (Front-mid and Rear-mid) to get your setup just right.
  • Carbon fiber lower deck and minimalistic upper decks ensure the chassis has optimal pitch flex.
  • Features one-piece bulkhead/damper stay components.
  • One-piece designs incorporate king pin and suspension ball function, minimalizing suspension play and improving handling feel.
  • A-arm suspension comes with Super Short Big Bore dampers as standard.
  • Steering linkage is attached directly to the bulkhead, to mollify effect on chassis roll.
  • The front uses a direct coupling with WO universal drive shafts, and the rear has a gear differential with aluminum drive shafts.
  • A carbon fiber R/C equipment deck features an optional aluminum center stiffener.

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