SkyRC | T1000 Maestro AC/DC Duo Charger

Using Arm Cortex-M4 chip, patented Hyperboost to improve response speed and charging current accuracy, and dual AC/DC input, you can charge your battery in the blink of an eye! The two ports operate independently, each port is 20A and can charge two battery packs at the same time. RC enthusiasts can choose AC or DC or input according to their needs. This time T1000 introduces a new ColorX interface and User-Friendly operation interface, making the operation more intuitive and simple! The vertical tower design is easy to store, carry and travel with! RC lovers must not miss it, hurry up and check out our rcMart website!

Multiplied by proprietary Hyperboost

Thanks to the 200 MHz ARM Microcontroller, the deployed Oversampling Technology can improve ADC Resolution to 16bit. The efficient PID mechanism can fine-tune the current to increase response speed and the charge current accuracy.

Dual AC/DC input

Get ready to work, play, and race with SkyRC T1000 to pump the speed and power beyond you ever imagined! Your battery packs have been fully charged while you are still brewing coffee! That is how you get supercharged by co-designing hardware, software, and MCU.

20A per port

Dual ports work independently to charge two battery packs efficiently and simultaneously. RC hobbyists can flexibly choose AC or DC input according to the scenarios.

In AC mode, the charging power is up to 450W, while the performance is even more powerful, up to 1000W in DC mode. Whether you are a beginner or an RC guru engaging in racing, it is the charger to push the limits of what is possible!

Smart power distribution

When a single port works, the T1000 will be pumping full power into that port! The charging power is dynamically and intelligently distributed in the circumstance that two ports work at the same time. Whenever either port finishes working, the other port will fully charge at full power. The total power is always used intelligently and efficiently! Charging is so flexible!

Digital power supply

T1000 is not only professional in charging but also can act as a digital power supply. After clicking on the menu, T1000 is ready for your application, offering an optimal voltage of 5-27V with 0.1V increment, adjustable 1-15A current. Short circuit, Overload, and Reverse polarity protection are all included!

Color X display & intuitive UX

Discover a new ColorX interface introduced by T1000 based on simple and textured visuals! The tailor-designed light cyan and green color scheme are for RC charging. It helps you focus on the setting. The Web 2.0 responsive menu and well-designed icons make the operation more suitable for players accustomed to operating smartphones! Time to say bye-bye to dull typography and welcome bold and beautiful brand-new UI. Charging doesn't have to be boring, and neither does life!

Smart thermal fan

Within the sleek enclosure lies a groundbreaking thermal system designed to let Arm Cortex-M4 fly through heavy workloads at screaming-fast speeds — and stay whisper quiet. The fan will adjust the speed accordingly and dissipate heat more effectively according to the different power usage.

Stunningly sleek

With the classic, minimal, and sleek vertical tower design, T1000 frees up more bench space for RC hobbyists to tweak gadgets by taking the footprints of a pair of battery packs. Sleek design serves your charging and delights your charging! The ergonomic handle makes it easy to store, carry, and travel with.

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