R31House GRK5 RC Drift Car

This is R31 House GRK5 1/10 RWD Drift RC Car Chassis Kit Red Edition. The supreme RWD drift machine "GRK5"! Pursuing the pleasure of manipulating as the driver wishes, GRK5 has 80% newly designed parts for further heights. It was born in search of the ultimate vertical motor layout!

Three Color Available:
GRK5BK: Black
GRK5PU: Purple

GRK5 @ Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022


  • Adopts a new motor mount that lowers the motor position to the rear as much as possible.
  • The new shape aluminum parts are lightweight and bevel edged nose cone, fin plate, front and rear damper stays, and gear case.
  • New upper arm with ball bearing system.
  • A new type of slide rack that is lightweight and uses a double lock system.
  • Engraving and SHIBATA logo on each part.
  • Pure carbon is used for both the 2mm thick vertical upper deck, which has a new low form, and the 2.5mm thick main chassis, which has been lightened.

  • Radio System
  • Electronics
  • Body
  • Batteries
  • Wheels, Tires, Inserts

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