Onisiki | SHURA Mini Drift Racing Performance Brushless Motor

Tuned drifting motor for your Kodama or other Micro RC. Available in 3 different kV Rating and adopting NSK Japan Bearings. Sensored ensuring smooth power delivery with trademark Onisiki markings!

kV Rating

  • 3500KV

  • 4500KV

  • 5500KV

Onisiki Kodama Micro Drift

Hong Kong brand Onisiki announces the launch of the Kodama mini drift car! The chassis of this complete mini drift car is adjustable in length and is suitable for 1/24 as well as 1/28 bodies. The mid-mounted motor chassis is made of high-quality graphite and aluminium, and the battery is designed to be mounted on the rear axle to provide better traction when cornering. Production is limited to 1000 units.


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