Onisiki | 1/24 1/28 Kodama Micro RC Drift Car

Hong Kong based Onisiki has announced it will soon release the Kodama micro-sized drifter.

This full micro car, with its adjustable length chassis, can be adapted to work with both 1:24 and 1:28 bodies. Made from high-quality carbon fibre and aluminium, this mid-motor chassis has a battery designed to be mounted over the rear axle for better traction coming out of the corners. It will be limited to a production run of 1,000 cars.


• 1/24 or 1/28 Mini Car

• Material : High-Quality Graphite and Aluminum

• Adjustment of Graphite Main Chassis ( 1/24 or 1/28)

• Mid Motor Design

• Low Profile Matte 2.5mm Graphite Main Chassis

• High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Vertical Topdeck

• Rear Axle Battery Mount

• Upper Arm designed with adjustable Camber and Caster

• Hard Coated Steel layshaft

• Hardened G45 Steel Pulley Set for instantaneous power delivery

• Aluminum Front Bulkhead Stiffener for more consistent drifting

• Direct Steer Servo Horn for quick steering response

• Grease Dampers throughout, for predictable handling

• Front Shock angle infinitely adjustable with the use of shims

• Magnetic Invisible Body Mounting

• Quick change battery mount

• Graphite front bumper

• Low Profile Front Arms for a large steering angle

• With production number 1 to 1000

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