ORCA Newly Upgraded ESC & Dedicated Mobile App "Blucon"

In December 2023, Team ORCA released several new top-level RC products and its dedicated mobile app "Blucon"!

We looking forward to the launch of more and better new products from the Hong Kong brand ORCA in 2014!

Newly Upgraded ORCA ESC OE1 MarkII

OE1 Mark II will be the top ESC of ORCA. ORCA’s original version of the OE1 ESC is already powerful enough, but the new ESC OE1 MarkII is even more refined and has added many new functions! Details will be updated here later, stay tuned!

Newly Upgraded ORCA ESC OE1_1S MarkII

In addition to the upgrade of the flagship electronic transmission OE1 to Mark II, ORCA also launched the OE1_1S Mark II electronic transmission for 1S battery
ORCA's new Oe1_1s Mark2 ESC has several new features that make it much safer and more stable to handle.

ORCA Blucon Bluetooth Module (Bluetooth Module)

ORCA follows the trend of RC and launches the ORCA Blucon (Bluetooth Module). After connecting via Bluetooth to a dedicated mobile app, the ORCA ESC can be adjusted within the mobile Apps. ORCA Bluecon is small in size and extremely easy to position and install. Guests can also use the ORCA Program Card to set up the ESC.

ORCA Blucon Apps

To connect your mobile phone to Blucon, ORCA has launched a Blucon-specific mobile application. The ORCA application can connect to ORCA's active ESC for programming through ORCA's OTA module (Blucon). Available ESC models include OE1, OE101, BP1001, Totem and ORCA ESCs that ORCA will launch in the future.

You can download it from the IOS App Store and Google Play 
App Store : ORCA Blucon App
Google Play : ORCA Blucon App

ORCA Blucon, the app for ORCA ESC has been released! If you use the Bluetooth modules that will be released in the future, you will be able to set up ESC from your smartphone

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