Gmade | SPIDER 1/10 RC Rock Crawler

The Korean-made Gmade Spider Portal has arrived!!!

It is equipped with a high-strength steel GS02F chassis that looks like a real car, with an extended wheelbase, TTR transmission, overdrive system, etc., making it more stable and smoother when climbing and driving on rough terrain. It also minimizes rolling over backwards when climbing high-angle hills or rocks.



This is Gmade 1/10 GS02F Spider Portal TS 4WD Crawler Kit EP. The frame of GS02F chassis is designed to look like real cars’. It is made of high strength steel and the C-channel side rail with hex wrench bolted cross members make it resistant to twisting and warping. The steel parts are finished with powder coats to prevent rusting. The inner fenders are directly fixed to the frame to reduce flex and bend of the chassis and parts. They also avoid external objects entering into the chassis during the driving. Extended wheelbase makes climbing and rough terrain driving more stable and smoother. Weight balance of the GS02F chassis is leaning forward. This increases traction of the front wheels and provides better crawling performance at high angle hills or rocks. It also minimizes rolling over backwards when climbing. Front mounted motor helps the vehicle’s weight balance to the front. Either a 540 or 550 size motor can be mounted and a cooling fan will be easily fitted to the incorporated structure. Steering servo in the GS02F chassis is located on the frame just as the real cars. Therefore the system eliminates bump steering effects which appear by the front wheel suspension movements. Additionally the panhard-bar is installed and cleverly designed to avoid any interference with nearby parts, so the front suspension and shocks can move freely. The drivelines to the front and rear axles are designed to arrange in a straight-line and this reduces fatigue or stress of the universal shafts and loss of power delivery. Transmission of the GS02F chassis is designed to look as that of real vehicles. It also provides best performance for every driving situation. Overdrive system means the front and the rear wheels rotate for different speeds. The GS02F transmission is designed to rotate the front wheels faster than the rear wheels. Vehicles with overdrive front wheels turn with shorter steering radius compared with non-overdrive vehicles. The overdrive also makes the control easier when the car is driving on rough surfaces. Increasing of the tire traction allows the vehicle to pass through steep slopes and obstacles without lifting the front of the body upward.

TTR(Torque Twist Reduce) transmission is designed to reduce unnecessary torque so the vehicle will drive with more stability. From the transmission, the front and rear universal shafts rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, and these opposite rotations compensate for rotational forces of action(torque) and reaction(reverse torque).

*Bonus Parts(28 Metal balls for shocks and links) will be included for the first lot of the launch orders by first-come-first-serve bases.


  • Steel Ladder Frame
  • Inner Fenders
  • Extended 347mm Wheelbase
  • Front Weight Balance
  • Front Mounted Motor
  • Multiple Battery Size
  • Chassis Mounted Servo System With Panhard Bar
  • 2-Speed Hi/Lo Transmission
  • Torque Twist Reduce Transmission
  • Easy Adjust Motor Mount
  • GA44P Portal Axle
  • High Steer Knuckle Arm
  • Zero Ackerman Steering
  • SD Scaler Shock Absorber

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    Gmade New Release


    Gmade has not launched a new RC Rock Crawler for a long time. This year will be no exception and no new cars...but there will be a new one in the coming year! Remember to pay close attention to our updates!

    // A new Gmade SPIDER is coming to the 1:10th Crawler scene in January 2024. This is Gmade’s strongest performance vehicle ever! //

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