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rcMart colleagues recently visited Beijing to participate in the "Hobby Expo China 2024". Many RC brands were on site, including some well-known big brands such as FlySky.

Flysky also exhibited their new product that will be released soon, the NB4 Pro+ Transmitter. It is believed to be a new high-end transmitter that will replace the NB4 Pro.

The information that has been released so far is limited. If you want to know more details, remember to pay close attention to our updates!



18-channel full-performance transmitter, challenging all-terrain on the surface.


  • Channel: 2 (Fast)、4、6、8、10、12、18 Optional

  • Model Type: Car/Boat/Robot

  • Range: >300m (Ground distance without interference)

  • Display: 3.5-inch 320*480 full colour IPS high brightness outdoor screen

  • Language: Chinese/English

  • Dimensions: 120*144*274mm (length*width*height)

  • Body weight: 670g (include stand)

Noble NB4 Pro+ VS Noble NB4 Pro

Flysky launches the latest Noble NB4 Pro+ transmitter to replace the Noble NB4 Pro. Of course, we have to compare the differences between them!

It can be seen that Noble NB4 Pro+ has many updates and new features this time, making it more user-friendly.

Noble Mini Z Functions

For Noble series radios, it supports MiniZ(EVO2) Steering ICS, Throttle ICS, and MiniZ(FHSS) Steering force, Gyro Gain programming.

But for like MiniZ(FHSS), it needs to work with the FS-RM005 module. For MiniZ EVO&EVO2, it can directly work with FS-MiniZRF3 receiver.

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Cost-effective Entry Version - Flysky Noble NB4+

In addition to the NB4 Pro+, Flysky also has the entry-level Noble NB4+ transmitter launched in February 2024, replacing the Noble NB4 as the latest mid-range transmitter with high cost-effectiveness.

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More Noble NB4 & NB4 Pro Series Info

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About Flysky

Through unparalleled innovation and experience, FLYSKY touches the heart and soul of the RC community. From the beginning FLYSKY has led the RC industry in new and exciting directions, from the early FM-PPM protocol, to the first and second generation of digital frequency hopping systems and two-way communication.
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