Azri podiums Kota Race Cup with Xpress XQ11

Another strong finish for Azri racing Xpress Execute XQ11, this time at the Kota race cup.

Podium photo of the super stock class which Azri raced in. Here's what he had to say after the race: I qualified 4th position and finish 3 rd,The car was good, but so many mistake in the final. Anyway….. super proud to all the RC Xpress user with their efforts and result .Congratulation to the race organizer last weekend race. For the 1 st time , we have 3 driver that use XQ11 in the superstock A main final . Thanks to all my sponsor for the support. Till next race MAX POWER CUP @ kota raja speedway

Group photo of all the Xpress drivers, slowly building up the team!

Azri's trophy and his sponsored items.

Azri prefers to run his shocks in a more vertical position, to deal with the low grip conditions.

From here, we can see Azri likes to run his roll centers fairly high, with the optional aluminum universal bones!

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