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Since everyone wrote so well…???? At this point, let’s share their story with everyone! Also, more rewards and discounts are coming soon!

Best Comments-Global Store

Kimo Hinökkan
I actually got started because of my nephew. He really wanted to build an RC drift car to play with at a local track. Not knowing what to buy, I settled on a Tamiya TT-02. It was okay but myself and my nephew… we both wanted more. I bought as much as I could from my local hobby store but some parts, due to Covid, were unattainable. I went to RCMart because they had EVERYTHING I could ever want but I was hesitant because it was overseas. But a few locals told me to try you folks (“they’re legit. Cheap, the wait for shipping is long but you get the parts you need at the price you want.”) and I did. Never knew too that you guys are THE support shop for other brands like Yeah Racing and Onisiki too so you folks really came through when I had bought a second-hand RWD TT-02 drift chassis. I’m still a customer though due to Covid, had to postpone many purchases. I am planning on buying more from you folks soon as funds become more available. Thank you guys for the opportunity to share.

Robert Gollin
RcMart has been part of my RC journey for a few years after I found the world of 1/10 Rock Crawlers. I wanted a hobby to share with my young son and thought how cool RC would be. I bought him a 2nd hand crawler which I wanted to restored and customised for his birthday. Needing some parts I searched the internet and came across RcMart’s online store and many purchases later, we have a healthy collection of RC cars, many of which have quality parts from RcMart.

Gary Kwok
My older cousin bought a pair of Tamiya RC cars. 1 is a TGX gas and mine was the FF. They were both the Nissan Kure Racing Nismo GTR bodies. When he passed, i took it from his home and i kept it ever since. Oh this was in 1996 and we bought it from 偉高when they were in MK. I moved to Canada a year later in 1997, had to keep the TGX going and back then internet search engines weren't very good so my cousin's friend had to mail me parts from HK, soon after yahoo search was better and i found RCmart on the internet. I have been a customer there ever since. 20 some odd years later, i am still into RC. Drifter, rock crawlers, big rig. Me and my wife just had a new baby boy and i already bought him a SCX24 for him to play when he turns 2 years old.

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Matthew Wong
Found rcmart back in 2015 on ebay while trying to source parts to restore my dad's 1986 Tamiya Boomerang and that same year I got the reissued Hotshot as a bday gift from dad at rcmart too. That was the beginning of my liking for rc, thanks to rcmart.

Peter Monk
My grandfather bought a Tamiya Boomerang when it first came out and I just loved the look of it and how fast it was. Since then I’ve had a love of RC cars. It got given to one of my cousins but when the re-release came out I bought one and painted it to match his.

Jack Wang
My dad let me drive his bruiser back in 1988

George Wu
My first RC car was the TT02 I bought in 2020. As I am a Mustang fan, I could not help but buy it when I saw it on the counter with a Mustang shell. After finishing the stitching, I became more and more fond of watching videos about RC cars. I found myself attracted by the realistic posture and handsome hull of the RC drift car. However, there were no drifters in my area, so I came into contact with RCmart. I bought the first RC drifter MST 2.5rs. I really like RCmart. The staff process orders very quickly. When I live in Canada, I can get delivery in 4-5 days. Now I have placed an order for MD1.0. I believe I am still writing the story of RC drift car. I also hope RCmart will be better and better, wish RCMART a happy 21st birthday!

Best Comments-Hong Kong Store


首先祝RCMART生日快樂先。 我記得人生中第一部要組裝既遙控車,係中學三年級時為左治情傷而走去買既。我記得個時買左部田宮膠兜既頭轆車,就係咁都叫做入左RC既坑,個時識左幾位朋友一齊玩,係幾開心既,但之後要考會考,就無玩,退左坑.... 大慨5,6年前,有位朋友話見到有人玩田宮既大轆車,好過隱,叫我一齊玩,就係咁又跌返落個坑度,到依家都未抆得返隻腳出黎。 入返坑,就開始留意返RC既野,有日就去左天水圍公園入面既遙控車場睇人玩車,個度既師兄就介紹我買部ABC既頭轆M車一齊玩。咁我就上網做下資料搜集,就係咁發現左RcMart既網頁,最記得第一次係RcMart買既野,就係一部Xpress MRR2碳板四驅M車(吸收左中學時期買膠兜頭轆車既教訓,緊係買部碳板四驅啦)。 就係咁,拎住部MRR2落天水圍玩車,個時部車係行珠差既,個珠差成日翻鬆,但自己唔記得帶架餐,咁就一定諗問人借啦,我見隔離有個四眼師兄個樣串串共咁,咁膽粗粗問佢借枝1.5六角批 ,個個四眼師兄就係天水圍乳牛 Cy Leung 。係天水圍玩左三四個月,呢條友無啦啦講,不如一齊去Aco玩比賽,就係咁就鬥左人生中第一場遙控車比賽,至今都仲享受緊每一場比賽。

Anson Law

小弟只喺玩咗RC幾年, 講到如何認識Rcmart, 真喺有段古仔. 話說初初RC中毒, 當然周圍去的論壇搵資料, 唔知喺唔喺論壇板規關係, 好多提到店舖嘅名,啲師兄通常都會用化名或諧音表示,有一日見有師兄提到話邊到買RC嘢比較齊, 就提到RC[媽], 我見到第一個感覺,就以為有間賣RC嘅門市,睇鋪嘅一定喺老板娘, 仲要喺識好多RC智識, 所以啲人專稱佢做[RC媽]. 於是我就搜尋[RC媽], 最終先知道原來[RC媽]個[媽]喺Mart個Ma簡稱.

Johnson Tsang

RCmart 生日快樂!中學買咗第一架TA02W就落咗去灣仔穚底度玩車,之後又興1:10油車,又買咗架Kyosho MK2 同VoneR.之後出國讀書就停咗十幾年。。再接觸番嘅時後就係去番穚底玩M05同TT01m...但個場拆咗膽粗粗幾條友走入ACO玩。。當時真係好有熱誠。。咩車都想試,櫻花,Xray,Yokomo,Serpent ,Awesomatix 等等。。小弟無渣車真心唔明嗰陣時點解可以每星期六日咁有熱誠晨咁早又坪洲去ACO玩車(單程1.5小時)..之後有認識到一班ACO 15櫃嘅車友,大家一齊研究,技術開始慢慢進步,最記得係ACO鬥第一場車,因為我住得遠所以前一晚我直接喺ACO訓,印象仲好深刻, 凍到Hihi。。慢慢比賽就成為小弟重要嘅一環。之後慢慢又去香港其他車場玩車同比賽TRC,PYC識到好多車友。技術層面即都進步咗唔小,呢兩年其實心理質素同臨場穩定性進步咗好多,多謝一班隊友同前輩嘅支持先會仲玩到今日。

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Cy Leung

小學果時, 咩都有就只係冇錢, 在東方街睇見D師兄在馬路上銀銀銀試車, 我就買唔起日日得個望字, 久而久之漸漸都忘記左呢個興趣.20年後搬左去天水圍, 都唔知叫好彩定唔好彩, 樓下就係遙控車場, 即係搭部????落樓下就有得玩果種, 當日就係聽到聲入去睇下, 又真係咁岩撞到一個工作上既伙伴係度玩緊遙控車, 就係咁佢就開始教我購物, 教我消費.點之愈玩愈有興趣, 開左個FB TSW車場討論區, 直至而家已經超過左2800位成員, 身為版主既我當時有聯同RCMART在TSW車場內搞活動, 搞車聚, 搞大抽獎.而我在RCMART第一個認識既大佬就係RONALD LEUNG, 可能大家都係姓梁特別好傾, 果時既抽獎都係同佢傾贊助, 見到車友們都係笑住抽禮物, 又如WE HELP PEOPLE HAVE FUN WITH RC一樣, 有一種快樂叫做分享, 唔係自己玩得開心就開心咁簡單既野黎.在TSW浸左一輪, 開始想增值自己, 先後在ACO及TWINS都有租位, 直至而家就紮根係最有愛既TRC車場, 定期跟TEAM XPRESS操車及比賽, 從而又得到另一種快樂, 希望其他入左坑或者未入坑既師兄可以同我一樣在RC搵到快樂HIGH下.留言的禮物我就不需要了, 如果有機會我希望可能留俾比我更需要既車友.

Matt Ma
有一晚!有位非凡的仙子帶著一舊雲彩,走入我既夢鄉,手上有一個標記,寫度”I love Rcmart”。在朦朧的夢裏不禁令人蘇醒,並不能忍藏那種衝動卻在Google 找尋究境⋯⋯然後就用遙控車的生涯去開人生的拓夢想了!

Eric Wong
12年前經朋友介紹下, 買左人生第二架RC, 就在觀塘買 白金版traxxas slash, 好大盒, 好興奮, 只始就不定時上去供款.. 到現在耐唔耐都去油麻地裝支香.

Wilson Tsang

Gary Wu
十幾多年前綱絡開始興起時,荃灣沙咀道某工業大厦樓層,在玻璃門裡看見有Rcmart 大招牌,但因為當時正是午飯時段,看到已關燈似員工外出了,無法聯絡不知是一間怎樣的公司。其實,本人一向有濃厚對RC的熱誠,所以,最終尋尋覓覓,研究之下都成為了Rcmart 會員及介紹各方好友大力支持,在綱上輕鬆訂購,誠意祝賀Rcmart生日快樂 、生意興隆。

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