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BM Racing 1/24 Scale BMR-X RWD Drift Chassis Kit Standard Version

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This is BM Racing 1/24 Scale BMR-X RWD Drift Chassis Kit Standard Version BMRX-S. In this new release BMR-X Standard Version we change the material of the motor mount , at the old version of the motor mount on BMR-X is made by brass ,  the new version is change it in to the lightweight aluminum and also the battery mount it will change it in to the brass for increase the rear traction , and also we have pre-build and kits two selection , the pre-build version is that we already finished install the rear end for you , if you want to enjoy the install of chassis that you can select the kits version .

For the reason why we change the material of the motor mount —— it’s to reduce the weight of front , and increase the rear traction of the chassis for having a better performance . As we know the BMR-X chassis is already FR layout so it have an motor at front , that the motor weight at front it’s enough to make it drift stable , and we want the front have a better response and balance so we decided to lightweight it , when the front is lighter the handling will more flexible , and also the power of rear is easier to push the front out , that will make the chassis have a better drive feel .

For the brass battery mount , it’s to increase the weight of the rear , and that will increase the rear traction of the chassis . When the weight is heavier the roll of rear will be slower and that will makes the chassis more stable , also increase the weight can help to hold the rear down for making more downforce on the rear , not only when you punch the throttle and you can found out the grip of the rear wheels become easier to found , but also you will feel the chassis drift more stable .


  • Easy setup procedure

  • High Performance

  • High Quality Carbon Fiber

  • Adjustable Wheelbase 98-118mm

  • Use 1:24 Car Bodies (e.g :Tamiya 1:24)

  • Not Include Electronic,Wheel,Tire,body Post,Body Shell


  • BM Racing 1/24 Scale BMR-X RWD Drift Chassis Kit Standard Version (1 set)


  • Servo

  • Gyro

  • Wheel

  • Tire

  • Body Post

  • 1/27 Motor

  • Battery

  • Mini Receiver

  • Transmitter

  • Body

  • 1/27 ESC

Rcmart Description
Brand BM Racing
Completeness Unassembled
Drive Train 2WD
Power Plant Electric
Scale 1/24
Vehicle Type Mini and Micro

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