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Bittydesign JP8HR ULT 190mm Ultra Lite Weight Clear Body For 1/10 Touring Car

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Bittydesign JP8HR ULT 190mm Ultra Lite Weight Clear Body For 1/10 Touring Car #BDTC-HRULT


The Bittydesign JP8HR 1/10 Touring Car Body was developed with the intention to meet the needs of Bittydesign International team drivers who asked for an ultra downforce body shell that can maintain the look and lines of the JP8 body but with more rotation in the corners; the focus of attention during the design and development stage was to achieve greater fluidity in the center of the corner.

Thanks to an excellent production process, which guarantees a high homogeneity of the material in any area of the body, Bittydesign has found the balance between weight and durability. Several track tests have revealed excellent impact resistance giving the JP8's extreme longevity, yet still conforms to the "90gr" ETS rule.

To achieve the best result possible in terms of overall product Bittydesigns has combined their know-how, and experience on the track to develop, design, engineer and test for several months - creating a body shell that represents the future of 1/10 TC competition. The ultra-high aerodynamic body shell generates very fast and precise steering, while the shape and design of the rear guarantee the stability needed to make the model drive-able. The JP8HR makes it easy to push the limit and get your best laptime, with a great driving feel both on indoor and outdoors asphalt tracks. For high-grip carpet (ETS and CRC) Bittydesigns recommends positioning the body not forward but neutral, this configuration proved to be the best on high grip-tight surfaces.


  • For: 1/10 Touring Car
  • Clear Body
  • Material: Lexan
  • Clear protective film to prevent overspray: Yes
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes: No
  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan
  • Includes wing mount screws, nuts and large plastic washers
  • Produced in Ultra Light Weight version
  • Sold clear with protective film outside
  • Includes pre-cut decal sheets and windows mask
  • The body respect all the international specs necessary for the approval by the federations, its EFRA and IFMAR homologated.


  • Bittydesign JP8HR ULT 190mm Ultra Lite Weight Clear Body (1 pc)
  • Decals
  • Window Masks
  • Instruction

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