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Brand: Yokomo Model: RSR-010
Description:This is Yokomo 1/10 Rookie Speed RS1.0 4WD Assembly Chassis Kit EP. If you are enjoying a radio-controlled car for the first time, we recommend the speed category as it is easy to learn basic operations. The Rookie Speed ​​RS1.0 is based on a belt-driven 4WD touring car, and is attractiv..
USD 165.90 USD 299.90
Brand: Yokomo Model: MSR-010
Description:This is Yokomo 1/10 Master Speed ​​MS1.0 Graphite Version 4WD Touring Chassis Car Kit EP. The latest competition touring car MS1.0, which speed category racers have been waiting for, is now available! Its performance has already been proven to bring about a definite upgrade, including vi..
USD 575.90
Brand: Yokomo Model: MSR-010A
Description:This is Yokomo 1/10 Master Speed ​​MS1.0 Aluminum Version 4WD Touring Chassis Car Kit EP. The new MS1.0, the latest competition touring car that speed category racers have been waiting for, is now available! It has already proven its performance to bring a definite upgrade, winning races..
USD 595.90
Brand: Yokomo Model: MSR-BD12
Description:Yokomo's touring car, which brings innovation with its highly creative design, has evolved into the "BD12", a racing machine that tends to be uniformly esigned. While maintaining the same balance between pitching and roll as before, the racing design has achieved an even lower center of ..
USD 519.90 USD 659.90
Brand: Yokomo Model: MSR-BD12A
Description:This is Yokomo 1/10 BD12 Aluminum Chassis Carpet Master Speed Competition 4WD Touring Car Kit EP. The aluminum chassis specification that achieves overwhelming cornering speed by further specializing the balance of BD12, which has an extremely low center of gravity, for high-grip road su..
USD 599.90 USD 699.90
Brand: Yokomo Model: MSR-010FE
Description:This is Yokomo 1/10 Master Speed BD11 Factory Team Edition Graphite Chassis 4WD Touring Car EP...
USD 399.90 USD 739.00
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Yokomo is one of the leading brands in international RC Racing. Yokomo were one of the first manufacturers in Japan to build RC cars and invented the RTR (Ready To Run) car.  Their BD series (BD7, BD8, BD9, DB10) is one of the top brands in competition level hobby grade RC Cars.  We also need to mention their YD drift line.  After the success of the drift package series, Yomoko launched the YD2 series professional hobby grade drift cars, which got a big success worldwide.

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