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Brand: Xpress Model: XP-10166
Description: This is Steel Double Joint Universal Shaft Pair for Execute Series Touring Chassis, genuine official replacement part from Xpress. With double joint universal shaft will greatly minimize the vibration of the outside front wheel in corners and improves the cornering speed and stability. ..
USD 28.40
Brand: Xpress Model: XP-90029
Description:FWD version of the Xpress Execute XQ10, FWD drivetrain combined with a center of gravity shifted towards the center. By moving the pulley, the motor has been moved forwards as well putting more weight forwards and changing the weight balance by shifting one of the heaviest objects on the..
USD 360.00
Brand: Xpress Model: XP-90021
Description: Newest Execute touring car, with modernized updates. Comes in a mid pulley configuration, split bulkheads at a more economical price...
USD 399.90 USD 429.00
Brand: Xpress Model: XP-90002
Xpress Xpresso M1 1/10 Mini MR 2WD M Chassis Kit #XP-90002Description:Xpress are upping the M-Chassis Competition Grade Chassis scene! With full Carbon Fiber bottom deck, topdeck, suspension arms and shock towers, the Xpresso M1 is the first race orientated RWD M-Chassis on the market!..
USD 239.00 USD 269.00
Brand: Xpress Model: XP-90001
Xpress Xpresso K1 1/10 K Car MR 2WD Chassis Kit #XP-90001Description:The legend is back! First off, Xpress are releasing the world's first K-Chassis. You must be wondering what is this new "K-Chassis"? K-Cars or Kei-Car are a type of small car which fits into the lowest automotive tax brack..
USD 239.00
Brand: Xpress Model: XP-90006
Description:The Execute XQ1S brings forward performance and features similar to the competition class of the original XQ1 but at a fraction of the price. By changing most aluminum materials to injection molded plastic parts, the precision and tolerances were kept the same but now you can get a ta..
USD 128.00
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Xpress was established by Sun Sun Model Company in 1996. There were only a few manufacturers of radio control model cars in Hong Kong that could get into the world class model racers market. Xpress series were the only model car series and manufacturer that attained superb achievements in the world model car racing competitions and gained overwhelming successes in Japanese market as well as other worldwide markets. Its main characteristics are flexible and user friendly for upgrading and advancement to any car model types by interchanging parts and accessories to the racers desire at more affordable price than those imported. 

The New Era in 2016, Xpress starts again in hobby grade RC car kit development. Now Xpress has released different chassis series like Execute, GripXero, Xpresso & more to go! With the help of Xpress Team Drivers, Xpress in-house R&D Team will keep up the racing passion & develop more awesome RC chassis to serve the communities.

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