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Traxxas Rustler VXL Parts

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Traxxas 2532
Tie Bar, Fiberglass
USD 4.00
Traxxas 2381X
Main Diff with Steel Ring Gear
USD 6.00
Traxxas 3654
Hex Wheel Hubs Set for Rustler & Stampede
USD 3.00
Traxxas 1654
Hex Wheel Hubs & Stub Axle Pins
USD 2.00
Traxxas 2745
3mm Nylon Locking Nuts
USD 2.00
Traxxas 3743
Steering Bellcranks & Draglinks for Rustler & Stampede
USD 4.00
Traxxas 3139X
Aluminum Toe Links for Rustler & Slash
USD 12.00
Traxxas 2640
44mm Chrome Suspension Pins with Clip for Nitro Stampede & Rustler
USD 2.50
Traxxas 4146
Clutch Shoes & Spring for Nitro Stampede & Rustler
USD 7.25
Traxxas 3741X
Aluminum Turnbuckle Set Red for Rustler & Stampede
USD 22.00
Traxxas 4122
Clutch Bell Steel 22T for 1:10th Nitro Vehicles
USD 12.00
Traxxas 4120
Clutch Bell Steel 20T for 1:10 Nitro Vehicles
USD 12.00
Traxxas 4116
Clutch Bell Steel 16T for 1:10 Nitro Vehicles
USD 12.00
Traxxas 4118
Clutch Bell Steel 18T for 1:10 Nitro Vehicles
USD 12.00
Traxxas 3643
Turnbuckles & Camber Link For the Bandit, Rustler VXLStampede VXL
USD 7.50
Traxxas 3793
Input Shaft (slipper shaft) w/ spring pin
USD 3.00
Traxxas 4760
Long Shocks
USD 22.95 USD 25.00
Traxxas 3760A
Ultra Shocks (GY) (Long)
USD 18.00
Traxxas 1664T
Shock Shafts (Titanium Nitride Coated) (L)
USD 10.00
Traxxas 3760
Black Shocks (long) for Stampede and Rustler
USD 18.00
Traxxas 4761
X-Tra Long Shocks
USD 22.95 USD 25.00
Traxxas 2664
Big Bore Shock Cylndr (L)
USD 8.00
Traxxas 3769
Spring pre-load Spacers
USD 4.00
Traxxas 3765A
Ultra Shocks Body (GY) (L)
USD 3.00
Traxxas 1952
Stub Axle Housings (Rear)
USD 3.00
Traxxas 2765T
Shock Shafts (Hardened Steel and Titanium Nitride) (x-long)
USD 10.00
Traxxas 3767A
Blue-anodized Alum. Shock Caps
USD 14.00
Traxxas 4628R
Differential Output Yokes
USD 4.00
Traxxas 5460
GTR Aluminum Shocks
USD 29.95 USD 32.00
Traxxas 5561
GTR Composite Shocks
USD 22.00
Traxxas 5531
Front Suspension Arms
USD 10.00
Traxxas 5535
Front Bumper
USD 4.50
Traxxas 3636A
Steering Blocks
USD 29.95 USD 35.00
Traxxas 5136X
Differential Oil Kit
USD 21.00
Traxxas 4897
4mm Grubs Screws
USD 3.00
Traxxas 2554
3x6mm Cap Hex Screws
USD 2.50
Traxxas 3958
Spur Gear 58T
USD 3.00
Traxxas 5245
Pipe Coupler / Exhaust Deflecter & Ties
USD 4.00
Traxxas 2552
3x12mm Countersunk Hex Screws
USD 2.50
Traxxas 3691
Gearbox L&R W/Idler Gear (BK)
USD 8.00
Traxxas 3195
Top Drive Gear
USD 3.00
Traxxas 4728
Pinion Gear (48P 28T)
USD 3.00
Traxxas 2458
Springs (Front) (BK)
USD 2.00
Traxxas 3757
Springs (Rear) (BK)
USD 2.00
Traxxas 2458A
Springs (Front) (WT)
USD 4.00
Traxxas 2431
Pinion Gear 31T 48P w/Set Screw
USD 3.00
Traxxas 3745
Turnbuckles & Toe Link
USD 8.75
Traxxas 2423
Pinion Gear 23T 48P w/Set Screw
USD 3.00
Traxxas 3644
Turnbuckles & Camber Link For Stampede ,Rustler VXL
USD 7.00
Traxxas 3639
Shock Tower (Front) For Stampede
USD 4.00
Traxxas 4690
Original Spur Gear (48P 90T)
USD 3.00
Traxxas 3696
Idler Gear
USD 3.00
Traxxas 5940
Shock Spring (1.8 rate double green stripe) For Slayer
USD 6.00
Traxxas 5465
GTR Shock Caps and Spring Retainers
USD 5.00
Traxxas 5941
Shock Spring (2.0 rate double black stripe) For Slayer
USD 6.00
Traxxas 2662
Aluminum Big Bore Shocks
USD 26.95 USD 30.00
Traxxas 3678
Complete Wheelie bar assembly For Electric Stampede, Rustler, Bandit
USD 15.00
Traxxas 1942
Rod Ends (16 long & 4 short) / Hollow Balls Connectors (18)
USD 7.00
Traxxas 5186
Mounted Wheelie Bar Tires/Wheels
USD 19.95
Traxxas 3691A
Gearbox L&R W/Idler Gear
USD 8.00
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Traxxas Rustler VXL Parts

Traxxas Rustler VXL #3707 #3708 - Traxxas Rustler VXL RC Car Spare, hopups, optional, Replacement & upgrade parts in stock.

It's a brushless punch with laser precision! Rustler® VXL combines Traxxas Stability Management® and Velineon® extreme brushless horsepower with the proven fun and durability that have made Rustler the number-1 selling electric stadium racer.

Traxxas Rustler VXL Parts, Rustler VXL Spare Parts, Hop up Parts, Replacement & Upgrade Parts in stock! All parts can help your 1/10 Traxxas Rustler VXL keeps in good condition & enhance the overall performance.