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Traxxas TRX-4 Parts

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Traxxas 3944X
Hardened Steel Machined Heavy Duty 14T 32P Pinion Gear w/ Set Screw
USD 5.95 USD 7.00
Traxxas 8279R
TRX-4 11T 34T Machined Ring & Pinion Gear Set
USD 39.95 USD 45.00
Traxxas 3952X
Hardened Steel Machined Heavy Duty 22T 32P Pinion Gear w/ Set Screw
USD 5.95 USD 7.00
Traxxas 5120A
12x18x4mm Black Rubber Sealed Ball Bearings 2 pcs For TRX-4 X-Maxx
USD 8.00
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Traxxas 8297
TRX-4 Spool w/ Differential Housing Plug E-Clip Set
USD 10.00
Traxxas 8273
TRX-4 S1 Compound Rubber Canyon Trail Pre-Mounted 1.9inch Crawler Tires 2 pcs w/ Tactical Rim
USD 36.00
Traxxas 8296
TRX-4 Metal Single Speed Transmission Gears Set
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8274
TRX-4 Aluminum PTFE Coated Hollow Ball Set Black
USD 39.95
Traxxas 8211
TRX-4 Tactical Unit Clear Body w/ Decals
USD 49.95
Traxxas 3950X
Hardened Steel Machined 20T 32P Pinion Gear Black w/ Set Screw For E-Maxx E-Revo Slash Stampede TRX-4
USD 5.95 USD 7.00
Traxxas 8266R
TRX-4 Aluminum GTS Shock Body Red
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8266X
TRX-4 PTFE-Coated Aluminum GTS Shock Body Black
USD 15.00
Traxxas 8266A
TRX-4 Aluminum GTS Shock Body Blue
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8266G
TRX-4 Aluminum GTS Shock Body Green
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8023T
TRX-4 Jack Black
USD 3.00
Traxxas 6512
Link Wireless Module Cover Plate Black
USD 1.80 USD 2.00
Traxxas 8268
TRX-4 Tactical Unit 1.9inch Rim 2 pcs Black
USD 8.00
Traxxas 8022X
TRX-4 Fuel Canisters 2 pcs White
USD 3.50
Traxxas 8025
TRX-4 Defender Body Rigid LED Lightbar Set
USD 29.95 USD 31.00
Traxxas 3975R
Titan 550 Reverse Rotation 21T 14V Motor For TRX-4 E-Revo
USD 21.60 USD 24.00
Traxxas 8266
TRX-4 Aluminum GTS Shock Body Silver
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8011
TRX-4 Land Rover Defender Pre-Cut Clear Body Set
USD 49.95
Traxxas 8272
TRX-4 Pre-Mounted S1 Compound Canyon Trail 1.9 Crawler Tires 2 pcs w/ TRX-4 Wheels
USD 36.00
Traxxas 8220
TRX-4 448mm Chassis Rails 1 pair Black
USD 35.00
Traxxas 8233
TRX-4 Front Axle Shafts Pins Set
USD 5.00
Traxxas 8258
TRX-4 Portal Drive Output Gear
USD 5.00
Traxxas 8230
TRX-4 Left Rear Axle Shaft Black
USD 6.00
Traxxas 8270
TRX-4 S1 Compund 1.9inch Canyon Trail Crawler Tires 2 pcs w/ Foam Inserts
USD 24.00
Traxxas 8012
TRX-4 Land Rover Defender Decals Sheet
USD 10.00
Traxxas 8284
TRX-4 Rear T-Lock Cable
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8279
TRX-4 Differential Ring w/ Pinion Gear
USD 15.00
Traxxas 8295
TRX-4 Output Drive Set
USD 15.00
Traxxas 8294
TRX-4 High Range 24T Output Gear
USD 14.00
Traxxas 2075X
TRX-4 Digital High Torque Metal Gear Waterproof Servo
USD 49.95
Traxxas 8289
TRX-4 2-Speed Drive Hub and Linkage Set
USD 10.00
Traxxas 8018
TRX-4 Land Rover Defender Front & Rear Inner Fenders & Rock Light Covers
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8235
TRX-4 Front Winch Bumper
USD 8.00
Traxxas 8281
TRX-4 Differential Carrier and T-Lock Fork Set
USD 5.00
Traxxas 8275
TRX-4 Rod End Complete Set Standard Angled 10 Deg Offset
USD 15.00
Traxxas 8254
TRX-4 Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit
USD 12.00
Traxxas 8240
TRX-4 2-Speed Servo Mount
USD 6.00
Traxxas 8255
TRX-4 Portal Drive Stub Axle
USD 6.00
Traxxas 8257
TRX-4 Front Portal Drive Input Gear
USD 8.50
Traxxas 8013
TRX-4 Land Rover Defender Grill and Headlight Set
USD 10.00
Traxxas 8245
TRX-4 5x121mm Steel Rear Upper Lower Suspension Link
USD 7.00
Traxxas 8259
TRX-4 Rear Portal Drive Input Gear
USD 6.50
Traxxas 8228
TRX-4 Left Front Axle Shaft
USD 10.00
Traxxas 8285
TRX-4 Transfer Case Gear Set
USD 10.00
Traxxas 8334
4-Tec 2.0 Suspension Arm Mount Set
USD 4.00
Traxxas 2617
2.5x8mm Button Head Screws Hex 6pcs
USD 2.00
Traxxas 8246
TRX-4 Steel Steering Draglink
USD 7.00
Traxxas 8286
TRX-4 Transfer Case Input Output Shaft Set
USD 6.00
Traxxas 8244
TRX-4 5x63mm Steel Front Upper Suspension Link
USD 6.00
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Traxxas TRX-4 Parts

Huge collection of Traxxas TRX4 Spare Parts, Replacement & Optional Upgrade Parts to hit your need to modify your Traxxas TRX-4 Scale Trail Crawler.  More Traxxas Parts available at rcMart

The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is an all-new Traxxas design that is loaded with innovation, exciting new features, versatility, and capability. In other words, Traxxas builts it the Traxxas way, rugged, powerful, and ready for fun!

Underneath the authentic scale look is a machine built for extreme off-road capability that takes you to new places and new adventures. Innovative portal axles deliver maximum ground clearance that dramatically turns 'no way' into 'no problem.' Whether you are enjoying outdoor trails or getting technical on the rocks, the remote-locking front and rear differentials and high/low range transmission provide unmatched driving versatility.

rcMart has huge collection of Traxxas TRX4 Spare Parts, Replacement Parts, Option Parts & Upgrades Parts in Stock!