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Traxxas Nitro Slayer Pro 4x4 Parts

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Traxxas 5354X
Aluminum Revo Rocker Arm Post 4 pcs Gun Metal
USD 12.50
Traxxas 5934X
Left Rear Suspension Arm Set For Slayer Pro 4x4
USD 7.50
Traxxas 5933X
Right Rear Suspension Arm Set For Slayer Pro 4x4
USD 7.50
Traxxas 5347
Large Rod Ends w/ Hollow Balls 12 pcs For Revo
USD 9.00
Traxxas 5923
Chassis Nerf Bars Black For Slayer
USD 4.00
Traxxas 5932X
Left Front Suspension arm Upper & Lower For Slayer Pro 4x4
USD 7.50
Traxxas 1633
E-Clips, C-Clips, and Body Clips for Cars and Trucks
USD 2.00
Traxxas 1985
Fiber Washers 5x8mm
USD 2.00
Traxxas 4146X
Clutch Shoes & Spring
USD 7.75
Traxxas 4124
Clutch Bell Steel 24T for T-Maxx Jato
USD 12.00
Traxxas 5912
Clear Body, Slayer Pro 4X4 /window masks / decal sheets
USD 34.95 USD 40.00
Traxxas 5345X
Revo Servo Horns Steering & Throttle (Non- servos)
USD 10.00
Traxxas 4142X
Flywheel (Large, Knurled For Use w/Starter Boxes)
USD 10.00
Traxxas 6870
Kumho Tires for Slash/Slash 4x4/Slayer Pro
USD 18.95 USD 20.00
Traxxas 5262
Air Filter & Pre-Filter Insert for Revo, Slayer & T-Maxx
USD 10.00
Traxxas 5266
Air Filter Body for Revo3.3/Slayer/Slayer Pro 4x4
USD 14.00
Traxxas 2745
3mm Nylon Locking Nuts
USD 2.00
Traxxas 4122
Clutch Bell Steel 22T for 1:10th Nitro Vehicles
USD 12.00
Traxxas 4116
Clutch Bell Steel 16T for 1:10 Nitro Vehicles
USD 12.00
Traxxas 3281
Cone Split Beveled for Nitro Cars
USD 3.00
Traxxas 4142
Flywheel for Stampede
USD 7.50
Traxxas 4118
Clutch Bell Steel 18T for 1:10 Nitro Vehicles
USD 12.00
Traxxas 5244
Flywheel Nut for T-Maxx 2.5 & Revo
USD 4.25
Traxxas 6811
Clear Body for Slash 4x4 and Slayer
USD 29.95 USD 35.00
Traxxas 5393
Primary Shaft
USD 22.95 USD 26.00
Traxxas 5460
GTR Aluminum Shocks
USD 29.95 USD 32.00
Traxxas 5329
Bulkhead Rear (L & R Halves)
USD 15.00
Traxxas 5533
Rear Suspension Arms
USD 10.00
Traxxas 5344X
Heavy Duty Servo Saver Spring For Revo / Slayer
USD 2.50
Traxxas 5998
Sway Bar Kit For Slayer
USD 30.00
Traxxas 5914
Center Differential Kit For Slayer
USD 39.00
Traxxas 5935
Front Bumper For Slayer
USD 10.00
Traxxas 5378X
Pivot Ball Caps / Dust Boots & Plugs Set
USD 6.75
Traxxas 5315
Steering Servo Guards
USD 4.00
Traxxas 5453
Stub Axle Yokes with Pins
USD 4.00
Traxxas 5136X
Differential Oil Kit
USD 21.00
Traxxas 4955
Axle Pins
USD 1.00
Traxxas 3965
2.5x8mm Cap Head Screws
USD 2.50
Traxxas 5358
Rocker Arm Set (Progressive-2 90T)
USD 11.00
Traxxas 4897
4mm Grubs Screws
USD 3.00
Traxxas 5323
Bulkhead Tie Bars (F & R)
USD 9.50
Traxxas 2554
3x6mm Cap Hex Screws
USD 2.50
Traxxas 5245
Pipe Coupler / Exhaust Deflecter & Ties
USD 4.00
Traxxas 5359
Rocker Arm Set (Progressive-3 90T)
USD 8.00
Traxxas 2552
3x12mm Countersunk Hex Screws
USD 2.50
Traxxas 5317
Shock Mounts / Wire Clip / BCS Set
USD 6.00
Traxxas 5157
Cover Plates & Seals
USD 2.50
Traxxas 5382X
Gear Set Diff For Revo / E-Maxx / Slayer
USD 14.00
Traxxas 5918X
Aluminum Push Rod For Slayer
USD 12.50
Traxxas 5938R
Toe Links For Slayer
USD 22.95 USD 25.00
Traxxas 5351
Slipper Pressure Plate & Hub For Revo
USD 8.00
Traxxas 5940
Shock Spring (1.8 rate double green stripe) For Slayer
USD 6.00
Traxxas 5224
Connecting Rod (TRX 2.5, 2.5R, 3.3)
USD 29.00
Traxxas 5458X
Yokes, Differential and Transmission
USD 4.00
Traxxas 5145
Screw Pin 4x15mm For Slayer / Revo
USD 3.50
Traxxas 5340
Aluminum Exhaust Header Silver Anodized For Revo
USD 20.00
Traxxas 5314
Front & Rear Body Mounts w/Posts & Pins For Revo
USD 11.00
Traxxas 5465
GTR Shock Caps and Spring Retainers
USD 5.00
Traxxas 5457
Yoke Brake w/Pins For Revo / Slayer
USD 4.00
Traxxas 5456
Half Shafts Center For Revo / Slayer
USD 4.25
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Traxxas Nitro Slayer Pro 4x4 Parts

TRAXXAS Slayer Spare Parts, Replacement Parts, Upgrade Parts & Hop up Parts in Stock. More Traxxas Slayer #5907 5908 Upgrades Parts available at rcMart RC Parts Center

The Traxxas Slayer is a nitro-powered 4-wheel drive thrill ride with the sounds and smells that can only come from big block internal combustion power. The Slayer's TRX® 3.3 engine rips massive roosts all day long with its monster torque that blasts its way to 50mph and beyond.