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Brand: Xray Model: XR-300035
Description:This is Xray X4 2023 Specs Luxury 1/10 4WD Touring Car Kit Graphite Edition EP. ..
USD 659.90 USD 859.90
ETA Date: 2022-11-01
Brand: Xray Model: XR-300036
Description:This is Xray X4 2023 Specs Luxury 1/10 4WD Touring Car Kit Aluminum Flex Edition EP...
USD 659.90 USD 859.90
ETA Date: 2022-11-01
Brand: Xray Model: XR-370707
Description:This is Xray 1/10 X1 2023 Specs Luxury Formula 1 Competition EP Car Kit. Innovative CFF™ front upper arms make the X1 extremely responsive & sharp, generate fantastic cornering speed & traction, and simplify the camber adjustment process for easy setup changes.The unique CFF™ suspension ..
USD 428.90
ETA Date: 2022-12-20
Brand: Xray Model: XR-370017
Description:This is Xray 1/12 X12 2023 EU Specs 2WD Pan Car Kit. ..
USD 399.90
Brand: Xray Model: XR-350017
Description:This is Xray 1/8 XB8 2022 Specs 4WD Luxury Nitro Offroad Car GP. The wing mount allows installing the wing further forward to create more downforce on the rear wheels to increase rear traction. The wing holder allows the wing to be positioned 11mm further forwards comparing to previous v..
USD 739.90
Brand: Xray Model: XR-340009
Description:This is Xray 1/8 RX8 2023 Specs 4WD Luxury Nitro Onroad Car GP. All-new chassis and the narrowed front suspension holders help to increase stability & traction. The chassis features more cutouts for improved flex characteristics and additional cutouts that increase airflow for better eng..
USD 849.90
Brand: Xray Model: XR-330017
Description:This is Xray 1/10 NT1 2023 Specs 4WD Luxury Nitro Touring Car GP. New chassis with narrowed front suspension pivots increases stability & traction. The servo saver mounting location includes a key lock system for improved reliability. The rear of the chassis has a larger opening for extr..
USD 759.90
Brand: Xray Model: XR-302240-H
Description:This is Xray X4 Composite Hub Hard. Precision-molded Graphite composite hub for X4 features new suspension geometry for improved steering and traction. The hubs contain updated drive axle that moves the driveshaft pivot point deeper into the hub, in line with the hub''s rotational axis b..
USD 6.85
Brand: Xray Model: XR-302133-S
Description:This is Xray X4 CFF Carbon Fiber FR/RL Soft Fusion Upper Arm Black...
USD 21.15
Brand: Xray Model: XR-302143-S
Description:This is Xray X4 CFF Carbon Fiber FL/RR Soft Fusion Upper Arm Black...
USD 21.15
Brand: Xray Model: XR-303261
Description:This is Xray X4 Hudy Spring Steel 6mm Pivot Ball 2 pcs w/ M3X6.5mm Thread...
USD 13.05
Brand: Xray Model: XR-350604
Description:This is Xray GTXE 2023 1/8 Luxury Onroad GT Car Kit EP. The GTX platform allows to share majority of parts between nitro & electric version. The new aluminum bulkhead framework increases reliability and strength while also allowing more airflow to cool the drivetrain during long runs and..
USD 839.90
Brand: Xray Model: XR-350159
Description:This is Xray 1/8 XB8E 2022 Specs Luxury Electic Offroad Car Kit EP, The XB8E shares a majority of its parts with the ultra-successful XB8 platform with several details fine-tuned for the electric buggy class. Wherever possible, the XB8 and XB8E share suspension and driveline components t..
USD 669.90 USD 709.90
Brand: Xray Model: XR-302063-K
Description:This is Xray T4 Aluminum Adjustment Ball-Bearing Hub 2 pcs Black. These beautiful 7075 T6 aluminum adjustable ball-bearing hubs are direct replacement of the standard composite ones included in the kit. The aluminum hubs reduce the friction and make the car to run more free with increase..
USD 35.05
Brand: Xray Model: XR-302772
Description:This is Xray X4 Aluminum HD Front Right / Rear Left Lower Bulkhead Black...
USD 31.40 USD 34.00
Brand: Xray Model: XR-302773
Description:This is Xray X4 Aluminum HD Front Left / Rear Right Lower Bulkhead Black...
USD 34.00
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