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Tamiya RM01 Parts

Tamiya 54367
RM01 R Tread Spacer 4 pcs Blue
USD 5.30
Tamiya 19225133
W Parts Damper Shock Absorber & Mount Set For TRF101 TRF102 RM01
USD 10.45
Tamiya 54495
RM01 Aluminum Servo Mount 2 pcs Blue
USD 12.40
Factory Pro RC O-AP0008
0.25inch Bearing Rear Axle Height Adapter Set For Tamiya F103 F104 RM01 Series
USD 18.00
Tamiya 54427
RM01 Carbon Rear Shaft
USD 14.50 USD 16.50
Tamiya 54352
RM-01 Roll Spring Set
USD 3.50 USD 4.00
Tamiya 54359
RM-01 Pitch Spring Set
USD 3.80
Tamiya 54413
Aluminum Roll Damper - High Efficiency
USD 5.90
Tamiya 54351
Rear Carbon Damper Mount Plate For RM01/F104 Ver.II
USD 8.50
Tamiya 54375
Carbon Motor Mount Rear Plate Set For RM-01 & F104 ver.II
USD 8.20 USD 9.90
Tamiya 17435039
RS 380 Motor w/ Pinion For Grasshopper Holiday Buggy Sand Rover Street Rover
USD 16.20
Tamiya 54342
RM-01 Aluminum Roll Damper Set .
USD 10.50
Tamiya 54366
RM01 Front Upright Shaft For 1/8inch x 5/16inch Bearing 2pcs
USD 5.50 USD 6.20
Tamiya 54355
RM-01 3x31mm Titanium Coated King Pin (2pcs)
USD 6.20 USD 7.20
Tamiya 54356
RM-01 Aluminum Motor Mount
USD 26.90 USD 29.90
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Tamiya RM01 Parts

Tamiya RM01 Parts, Upgrade Parts & Aluminium Hopups Parts in stock. Here in rcMart is the right place for you to get the Tamiya Parts for your Tamiya RM-01 car kit & other chassis

Sensational Group C Racer
In 1982, the World Endurance Championship introduced the new Group C class, which was initially dominated by the Porsche 956. In 1984, Toyota entered the Tom's 84C to challenge Porsche for top honors in this category and this is a 1/12 scale R/C model of that historic car. The polycarbonate body faithfully reproduces the aerodynamic, sleek form of the 84C and car numbers and various sponsor logos can be depicted with included stickers. A driver figure is also included to enhance realism. All of this is mounted on the Direct-Drive 2WD RM-01 chassis to provide thrilling racing action.

An Exciting Development in 1/12 Scale
This 1/12 scale chassis features a 2.5mm thick black-colored FRP lower deck and a height-adjustable resin gear case with Type 380 motor. Pivot-Ball Link Rear (PBLR) suspension system features a center pivot ball, a pitch damper to temper chassis pitch movement, and a roll damper and side links to control chassis roll. The chassis' Direct-Drive setup features a ball diff inside the spur gear while high-grip sponge tires provide plenty of traction.