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Tamiya Mini 4WD

3Racing M4WD-24
Mini 4WD M2 x 20 Scoket Buttom Screw
USD 1.35 USD 1.90
3Racing M4WD-27
Mini 4WD M2 x 35 Scoket Buttom Screw
USD 1.35 USD 1.90
Tamiya 15433
Mini 4WD Mach-Dash Motor PRO
USD 3.35
Tamiya 15307
Mini 4WD Ultra Dash Motor
USD 6.30 USD 7.85
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Tamiya Mini 4WD

Mini 4WD is a fun sport that allows you to practice model-building and gives the thrill of high-speed competition. Learning the ropes is an important step in becoming a successful Mini 4WD racer, and Tamiya is on hand to give you some advice.

Tamiya Mini 4WD chassis series inlcudes AR Chassis; FM Chassis, FM-A Chassis; MA Chassis; MS Chassis; Super-1 Chassis; Super FM Chassis; Super-II Chassis; Super TZ Chassis; Super TZ-X Chassis; Super X Chassis; Super XX Chassis; Type 1 Chassis; Type 2 Chassis; Type 3 Chassis; Type 4 Chassis; Type 5 Chassis

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